NPQG Book Outline

I intend to weave together NPQG articles and posts into an online open access book here on this site. I’ve provided a rough outline below and I will be linking up existing posts as time permits and evolving the outline. Eventually this will become the home page of the site.

NPQG Book Outline

  • Introduction to NPQG
  • The State of the Art in Physics and Cosmology
  • Imagination and Creativity
    • Requirements
      • Compatibility with general relativity math
      • Compatibility with quantum mechanics math
      • Nothing mystical
      • Compatibility with experiment
      • Solves major open problems
    • Imagining scale
    • Suspension of disbelief
    • Objectives
      • Fresh or refreshed narratives
      • Degrees of creative freedom
      • Solve the Universe
  • The Foundation of the Universe
    • 3D Euclidean space
      • Flat, not curvy ala Einstein
      • Larger than visible Universe (potentially infinite)
    • The Planck scale
    • Two Planck scale particles
      • Electrino and Positrino
      • Immutable
      • Groups of dipoles form shells (bubbles)
      • Shells inflate as they lose energy.
      • Wave / particle duality – the paths of the point charges in the shell make the wave. The particle can refer to the payload as well as the payload+shell.
    • Energy carried by fundamental particles
    • Maxwell’s equations (light version)
    • Emergence
  • Constructing particles of the standard model
    • Background on the standard model
    • Shells or Bubbles
    • Payloads (nuclei)
    • Composite particle formulations
    • Neutrino oscillation
    • Possible Appendix that goes through Particle Data Book and looks for missing reaction particles
  • What is spacetime æther?
    • Axion like particles?
    • The energy content and temperature of spacetime æther
      • relation to CMB
      • relation to mass energy waves
      • we are surrounded by low energy spacetime æther
      • The Lorentz factor
    • Permittivity and Permeability
      • Local speed of light
    • Does spacetime flow?
      • Outwards from Planck plasma sources? Active galaxies? Galaxy local expansion.
      • Do spacetime particles flow into black holes?
  • What is Mass?
    • Interacting wave equations
    • Lossless interaction
    • Ebb and flow of mass energy flux
  • Light and Photons
    • The local speed of light
    • Lensing
    • The energy loss curve of a photon by energy (frequency, wavelength) in varying energy spacetime
    • Redshift and its forms and causes
  • Black Holes: Galaxy local inflation and jets
    • Review the narrative of Inflation and Big Bang
    • Planck cores (and mass disappearance)
    • Entropy
    • Breaching the event horizon
    • Planck plasma
    • Galaxy seeding (Arb, Burbridge)
    • Exceeding the speed of light (superluminality)
    • Implications for the age of the universe
  • Galaxy rotation curves
    • The Dark Matter problem
    • Spacetime mass density
    • Mass disappearance inside Planck cores
    • Matter-energy and mass reappearance via jets
    • Formation of axion spacetime particles and standard model particles
  • Expansion
    • Review dark energy
    • Review expansion theories
    • Galaxy local expansion
      • spacetime æther outflow vs. matter inflow
      • Is it balanced?
      • Does the balance of spacetime vs. standard matter ebb and flow?
  • Atomic and Nuclear Physics
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Leveraging NPQG
    • Energy
      • Extracting energy from spacetime æther
    • Manufacturing
    • Risks
      • Accessibility to technology
      • Weapons of destruction
  • Philosophical topics
    • Where did the fundamental constituents come from?
    • How large is the universe?
      • Arguments for and against infinite.
    • How old is the universe?
      • Was there a beginning?
      • Will there be an end?
    • Simulation
    • Free will
    • Individuals in a future with AGI and Robotics
      • Augmenting individuals with AGI and/or robotics.
      • The rights of an individual being
      • The laws regarding individual beings
    • Setting an ultimate objective
      • Survival of intelligent individuals
      • Populating our solar system
      • Populating our galaxy
      • Populating the universe
  • The Physics and Cosmology Bone Pile
    • Dirac’s large number hypothesis
    • Dicke’s cosmology
    • De Broglie – Bohm – Bohmian Mechanics – Pilot Waves
    • more
  • Incorrect Narratives that Arose from GR and QM
    • One time inflationary Big Bang
    • Age of Universe
    • Fields without physical particles
    • Uncertainty
    • Dark matter
    • Dark energy
    • Expansion of Spacetime
    • Redshift
    • Constant speed of light
    • Nothing escapes a black hole other than Hawking radiation
  • New solutions for the paradoxes, conundrums, and unsolved paradoxes
  • The New Narrative of Physics and Cosmology
    • Put all the ideas together in sequence of recycling loops

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : May 23, 2020

By J Mark Morris

I am imagining and reverse engineering a model of nature and sharing my journey via social media. Join me! I would love to have collaborators in this open effort. To support this research please donate:

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