Wokeness and Colloquialisms

This may seem like an esoteric blog post, and perhaps it is. Yet when I grew up in the 1960-1970’s and again today circa 2020 there were/are a great deal of civil protest, discourse, and problem solving around relations between groups. In both eras the focus was on the suffering of two main groups of […]

Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder : Theory of Everything

This is a short post in response to Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder’s video below. My response is that we need to simply get on with it. Here is the TOE: Start with a 3D galilean/cartesian/euclidean void. Describe this with Map 1, M1. Now permeate that void with free parameter one (FP1) density of immutable, equal and […]

NPQG in Wonderland

It’s your celebration day! You receive a present. It comes in an edible candy shell the shape of an egg. You open the egg to find two perfect spheres. You shake the egg and out drop instructions written on edible candy paper. The instructions say: 1) You have been given the virtual reality (VR) ability […]

NPQG Prediction of SMBH Jet Inflation Validated

Scientists have examined a galaxy’s SMBH jets and found that they accelerate! This looks like evidence of inflation to me, which NPQG predicted. Let’s check out Anton’s video and discuss! Here are the facts conveyed by Anton The galaxy studied is known as Centaurus A. The Centaurus A AGN SMBH is about 55 million masses […]

Bohmian Mechanics and NPQG III

This is the third blog post in a series about de Broglie-Bohm theory. See Bohmian Mechanics and NPQG I for the first post in the series. In this post I will present the full transcript from the film “Infinite Potential : The Life & Ideas of David Bohm” by the Fetzer Memorial Trust. I’ll intersperse […]

The Maps and the Territory

This post is dedicated to my friend Dr. Kirsten Hacker, who is a multi-talented individual with incredible knowledge, creativity, and intuition about physics, life, authoring, and more. Kirsten introduced me to the quote “The Map is Not the Territory.” The map–territory relation describes the relationship between an object and a representation of that object, as […]

Dr. Alexander Unzicker

Dr. Alexander Unzicker is an author and social media vlogger of content related to the foundations of physics. His views are contrarian to current era physics. His books have been well received. He proffers a number of what he intuits are incorrect decision points in physics and cosmology. His arguments are generally vague with a […]

Cosmological Metrics

Measure Fact Galaxy size Most of the galaxies are 1,000 to 100,000 parsecs in diameter (approximately 3,000 to 300,000 light years) — Wikipedia SMBH jet sizes Jets can exceed millions of parsecs in length. — Wikipedia SMBH jet duration Jets can have a duration of up to ~10 M years nonstop How far apart are […]