Subir Sarkar Questions Evidence for Dark Energy

Sabine Hossenfelder interviews Dr. Subir Sarkar of Oxford. Summary of the Dr. Sarkar interview. His team has identified serious errors in the data science that found evidence for cosmic acceleration. Most of the interview is spent going through the various errors in data catalogues and statistical methods. Upon re-analysis, his team finds not evidence for […]

Standard Model Bingo

About a year ago in February 2019 I was spending a lot of time attempting to figure out the composite formulas for standard model particles. The particle shell concept was a nascent idea at that time. I thought the work was getting too far afield and I set aside that project to work on other […]

Predictions of NPQG

The scientific method espouses predictions that may be tested. These come in three categories that have differing weight. A new prediction that diverges from existing theory and is then confirmed by experimental evidence carries the most weight. A post-diction that provides a superior reinterpretation of experimental observation carries medium weight. A post-diction which reconfirms interpretation […]

My Posts on Discord : The Portal

I began participating on Discord group ‘The Portal’ on February 18, 2020. This is a discussion board about Eric Weinstein’s podcast. Here are my initial posts. My text is in black regular font. Other users are in color-coded italic font. I noted in bold the responses from others that I consider standard playbook responses from […]

Planck Core Energy

Let’s estimate the energy contained in a cubic meter of Planck core. I imagine a Planck core in a supermassive black hole as an arrangement of spherical electrino and positrino particles packed as tightly as possible, i.e., adjacent to one another. This is a sphere-packing problem, and there are two well-known ways to pack spheres […]