Physicist, Heal Thyself

Yes, that is a provocative title, and it is actually the right thing to say. The “knowledge license” of prior era physicists has an expiration date that is fast approaching. It’s already long expired in my frame of reference! Yet it it easy to catch up and blow past my level of understanding. Many physicists will need to re-invent themselves for the point charge era. Fortunately, it will be an exciting time with incredible opportunity. There will be plenty of work to go around and an enormous amount of investment from corporations and governments.

Defense technology will be of paramount importance of course, but the perspective quickly changes once one realizes the unbounded nature of the universe and the energy just below the surface that we will presumably be able to tap safely some day. How will our interests shift given the unbounded ability to spread out and splinter into clusters and tribes.

There are other global threats as well, such as climate change. Point charge era technologies will enable mitigation and clean-up technology we have never imagined before.

This will be a dynamical period in the field of physics so let’s recognize that there will be tremendous change and it is time to reorganize and restaff departments in academia while industrial research and development explodes on an exponential curve. I predict a university brain drain, but that may be ok given that NPQG is an incredibly simple model of nature and emergence. There should be an influx of new students as well as re-entrants to the field to fulfill demand and the simplicity of the model will improve the ability of technologies to be realized and reused in applications. In the longer term future, this fundamental knowledge of nature is the basis for all future science as well as related mathematics and technology branching out from there into use cases. My hope is that on the net-net the point charge era allows us to reduce suffering, improve well-being, improve Earth’s climate, and enable intelligent life to spread throughout the universe — something that seems to not have happened within the sphere of oldest photons (some 13.8 billion years) that are observable.

The paradigm change in physics to dynamical point charge structures is so profound that physics needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

The good news is that the existing patchwork quilt of theories can now be deconstructed and woven together with new mathematics that will be much easier to understand.

Vintage Country Patchwork Quilt Photograph by Peggy Collins
Vintage Country Patchwork Quilt Photograph by Peggy Collins

This video discusses the mystery of complex numbers. They are simply a mathematical technique, and we can now understand clearly why they are so important in systems based on orbiting point charge dipoles.

Complex numbers are a first order example of the new mathematics we will need to describe a universe formed by orbiting and circulating |e/6| point charges at vastly different energies and the structures they form. Noam’s video on complex numbers and his work on UCV theory are beautiful steps along the way for the dynamical geometers who will craft new mathematics and reuse existing mathematics from what is currently a patchwork quilt description of nature.

Discrete is to continuous
as particle is to wave.

J Mark Morris

That quote sounds kind of funny, but take some time and think about it. I think it is quite profound. First of all, is the relationship being referred to obvious? I don’t think so, a priori. However, once seen, it cannot be unseen. Immutable electrino and positrino point charges are discrete by definition. They move continuously throughout absolute space and time according to classical mechanics and Maxwell’s equations with the stipulation that no two point charges can get closer than a minimum distance. These same point charges form structures which exhibit quantized behaviour such as the standard model.

It is now possible to unify all mathematical descriptions of nature with a single architecture based upon discrete point charges. No doubt, there will be many approaches in mathematics, geometry, astrophysics, cosmology, dynamical systems and both closed form and simulated interactions melded together with the assistance of Ai.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts