Decoded Standard Model

I made a new chart to show the point charge decoding of the standard model. The architecture is becoming more evident.

Now we can visualize physical relationships and functions that were not understood before. It seems to make one heck of a lot of sense as a complete pattern. Whether it is the correct decoding is unknown, but the fact that there is at least one with this pattern is very important and pretty much a mic drop moment.

Next I want to see if I can figure out what weak isospin T3 and weak hypercharge Yw map to in the point charge model. I’ve labeled the particles on the chart with the values. I haven’t spent a lot of time yet trying to understand the pattern, but any physicists readers might be able to see it straight away. Also, as you can see in the notes on the image, I am noodling on how color charge is implemented in these particles. In case it’s not clear, the red and blue arrows each correspond to a single point charge in an energy core. The personality point charges are just shown with dots because and I don’t know how they are arranged in layers. There is a lot of detail in the chart. I recommend spending some quality time with it. I plan to.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California