Does NPQG Inform String Theory?

In this video Leonard Susskind talks about string theory, its founding concepts, and the current state. I found this to be illuminating and exciting. It seems that NPQG Planck sphere electrinos and positrinos may be THE physical implementation for these mathematical strings.

I don’t know much about string theory but I have had the thought that string theory might be useful in NPQG. Maybe with knowledge of NPQG the mathematics can be recast and simplified. I found this MIT website with some great history about string theory history and players.

Let’s extract some of Susskind’s quotes from the transcript of the video. I’ve edited them for clarity and brevity.

How [string theory] happened was like many discoveries somewhat accidental. You discover something in a context which turns out not to be the natural context for studying it. String theory originated as a theory of protons and neutrons and mesons. These are objects about a hundred thousand times smaller than an atom yet enormous by physicists standards. You can pull on them and they stretch out. The mathematics and the constructions describing protons and neutrons did a pretty good job of that incidentally.

Nature repeats itself and on scales a billion billion times smaller and faster that same mathematics seems capable of describing physics at the Planck scale. It seems capable perhaps of describing the physics of quantum gravity. These strings have an oscillation nature to them and it’s almost like a rubber band. If the rubber band didn’t have friction you could imagine it vibrating forever. They are very thin and small and very strong.

Out of the vibrations of these strings all of the particles and forces that we know can be derived. At the present time string theory is a mathematical structure which looks more like the universe of elementary particles than any other theory which contains gravity. String theory has the property that it automatically contains gravity. However, string theory has never been put together in a form which is so close to natural reality that we’re certain that it’s correct.

String theory has a huge number of ways to choose the one solution so it has been exceedingly difficult to find that one solution. Where we have not made a lot of progress is unifying string theory with cosmology. My own feeling is that we are really missing some very big pieces. String theory is not the end of the story.

Leonard Susskind

How do the ideas of NPQG map onto string theory and vice versa?

  • Both theories are based at the Planck scale.
  • String theory has vibrating strings making particles. In NPQG these are orbitals or wave functions of electrinos and positrinos. I presume there will be a way to map Planck sphere orbitals to string theory vibrations.
  • In string theory there are different types of string for different particles.
  • In NPQG different particles are made of various composites of electrinos and positrinos in orbital wave equations with an optional composite core.
  • Does string theory envision spacetime as string based? If not, it should.
  • It may be that string theory math could enable fast progress on mathematical modeling of NPQG, but I don’t know if string theory would be the best long term to describe nature. Perhaps there is something simpler.
  • I don’t know what to make of the idea of extra dimensions in string theory. Perhaps they are related to the emergence of various composite particles/strings in which case they are not fundamental dimensions.

The LEGO set for the universe is an unbounded Euclidean box and plenty of immutable charged Planck sphere electrinos and positrinos in equal proportion. It appears there may be a way to map these fundamental objects into the foundation of string theory.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : July 1, 2020 : v1

By J Mark Morris

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