Unifying the Four Forces

In this post I’ll discuss the current NPQG model for how point charges and emergence create the Four Forces.



All particles are continuously and losslessly exchanging energy with neighbors via an interaction of their wave functions. Frequently, the neighbors are spacetime æther particles. When standard matter exchanges energy with æther we call that the apparent energy (mass) of standard matter. Mass is based on the root-mean-squared (RMS) outstanding energy. Mass is the ante that standard matter pays to the aether. When standard matter provides RMS mass energy to the æther, it causes the æther energy to rise. The gravitational energy wave falls off with the square of the distance, 1/r^2.

The gravitational force is simple convection.


The weak force is primarily implemented in reactions by leveraging nearby low energy spacetime aether structures to transfer and rearrange energy and point charges between the inputs and products of the reaction. Spacetime aether particles may be tired neutrinos and tired photons which themselves are neutral particles and emit no electric flux per Gauss’s Law. Note that the formula uses the permittivity constant, which is a function of æther energy in NPQG.


The weak force is implemented by the W and Z bosons which are an intermediate structure in a reaction. Like all forces, the weak force merges with the electromagnetic force at high energy.


The electromagnetic force is implemented by the photon and acts on electric charge at the scales of atoms and molecules, i.e., electrons and protons.



The strong force is found inside the containment shells of a particle.


The strong force is used for two separate but related purposes. First to hold nucleons together. Second to hold nuclei together.


Credit: Colby College

Photons have a 6ε⊖/6ε⊕ composition of electrinos and positrinos and have a wide variety of energies and velocities. When neutrinos and photons lose enough energy they join other particles in the æther, with a black body radiation of 2.7 Kelvin. The force unification chart shows gravity beginning near 10-32 Kelvin and 10-43 seconds. Ultimately all forces merge to electromagnetic in a Planck point charge core.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California

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