J Mark Morris

J Mark Morris is the CEO of NPQG Corporation.

Picture of me from a while back.

Call me Mark.

I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. My family moved to Chicago, Illinois when I was a toddler. I attended Evanston Township High School, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (BSEE), and Carnegie Mellon University (MSCE). My first post university job was with Bell Laboratories. In the mid 1990s, I relocated from Naperville, Illinois to San Diego, California. In 2021-2023 I relocated to Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2018, I began working towards understanding nature at its most fundamental level. I call my narrative and model Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity (NPQG). The evidence is clear that NPQG and the point charge model of the universe are isomorphic to the Standard Model of particle physics and also far more powerful.

My thought experiments draw upon the collected work of scientists throughout history. Nature is a trickster, with incredible symmetries, and this has resulted in myriad theories that attempt to solve nature in whole or in part. Unless attributed, the original content I post is my own. That said, I can not know all of the material on a particular subject, so it is entirely possible that ideas that occur to me may have been articulated by others previously. I find it very satisfying to reproduce ideas unknowingly — it is a form of confirmation. If I become aware of such an antecedent, I will add a notation. You are welcome to leverage these ideas and I request attribution for original ideas or quotes along with a link.

I am a creative problem solver. Often my thought experimentation is non-linear, meaning I jump around the problem space frequently as I work towards insights. I reserve the right to revise my thinking or change my mind. New facts, thoughts, analysis, and persuasive arguments may cause me to rethink an idea, opinion, or position. I am always learning.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : 2018-2023