Nature from First Principles

A theory of nature that unifies general relativity and quantum mechanics with a basic foundation of unit potential point charges in a Euclidean void combined with emergence.


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Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity (NPQG) is an architecture of nature and the universe based upon the most parsimonious physical foundation and ingredients imaginable, simple physical laws, and emergence.

  • A density1 of immutable, equal and opposite, point charges. These are named the electrino and the positrino for consistency with emerged composite structures the electron and the positron.
  • A density2 of electromagnetic and kinetic energy carried by the point charges.
  • 4D Euclidean space and time. Flat, not curvy space and forward moving linear time.
  • Neoclassical mechanics — classical mechanics with no law that limits point charge speed.

Given energetic immutable point charges permeating a flat Euclidean space and time, emergence creates our universe.
NPQG unifies GR and QM and transforms ΛCDM.

NPQG explains the fundamental natural basis for general relativity and quantum mechanics and bridges these theories and their observations. NPQG reveals many new insights about nature and the universe as well as errors in the theory and narrative conception of GR/QM/LCDM. On this blog you will find NPQG described in many short directed posts.




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These are papers on NPQG from 2018/2019 that I attempted to publish in an academic journal. They are dated, but you can see the early vision.

Seed a Euclidean garden with duos of point charges and a natural universe will emerge.

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