Is the Universe a Simulation?

Simulation is a very rich world, although less often discussed in the context of science, technology, engineering, and math than in the world of gaming. In this post I’ll talk about simulation and how it relates to Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity (𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚). What new modes of simulation may be possible? Could we be in […]

The Joy of X : Priya Natarajan

‘The Joy of X‘ is a podcast hosted by mathematician Dr. Steven Strogatz and sponsored by Quanta Magazine. Steven had a discussion with black hole scientist Dr. Priya Natarajan on his January 22, 2020 podcast. I’ll make a few comments on how Priya’s work relates to NPQG. Priya’s doctoral work at Cambridge with Dr. Martin […]

Garrett Lisi and Eric Weinstein on The Portal #015

Eric Weinstein hosts a conversational platform called “The Portal”. In episode #015, posted February 2020, Eric and Garrett Lisi discuss Garrett’s efforts to develop a theory of everything. I’ll add some commentary here in an attempt to relate the discussion to NPQG. I’ll include timestamps for the portions I reference. I’ll preface my comments with […]

Spin and Particle Shell Composition

In NPQG particles are modeled as neutral shells made from electrino-positrino dipoles with those shells possibly containing a composite payload. There may be a correlation of shell composition and the concept of spin and the mathematics of spinors. NPQG Shell Formulation Spin Particles Force MediatedBy Shell Empty 1/1 shell 1/2 Tau Neutrino A 1/1 shell […]

Gravity and the Temperature of Spacetime Gas

The superfluid gas that implements spacetime has a temperature. In deep space, the temperature of spacetime gas averages 2.7 degrees Kelvin. In the proximity of matter-energy, the temperature of spacetime gas increases due to a wave interaction with matter-energy. What we call the ‘mass’ of a particle (or collection of particles) is related to the […]