A Neoclassical Model of Nature

J Mark Morris 1.     INTRODUCTION A neoclassical model of nature is proposed, based upon two equal and opposite fundamental particles. These particles may also be considered as conserved excitations. This model is derived from thought experiment and re-interpretation of modern physics and cosmology.  2.     MODEL FOUNDATION AND CONJECTURE The model is described affirmatively as conjecture. Where interpretations […]

Graviton Soup To Go

A year ago, January 2018, I began developing a “theory of everything” as they say, or more precisely, a unifying theory of nature that surpasses general relativity, quantum mechanics. and current physics / cosmology. I aimed at parsimony and narrative, with an intuition that Maxwell’s equations might rule over all. One concern was the force […]

The Physics and Cosmology Narratives are Wrong

TL;DR: The physics and cosmology narratives are totally screwed up. Gravitons are the key. It’s really simple. There are two types of fundamental particles, equal and opposite, 1/6 charge, and let’s call them the electrino and positrino. They are jetted as a plasma from galactic supermassive black holes (SMBH) after conversion from matter and energy. […]

Gravitons Have Already Been Detected

I assert that gravitons, a particle composed of equal numbers of fundamental electrinos and positrinos (one or more pairs) have already been detected. In most of the universe gravitons are in a condensate phase with a geometric lattice structure that supports the E8 geometry and correspondences to the standard model (per Lisi). If you will […]