Planck Core Energy

Let’s estimate the energy contained in a cubic meter of Planck core. I imagine a Planck core in a supermassive black holes as an arrangement of spherical electrino and positrino particles packed as tight as possible, i.e., adjacent to one another. This is a sphere packing problem and there are two well known ways to […]

Missing Magnetic Monopoles

I understand that quite a few physicists long for a magnetic monopole, although I really do not understand why. What are magnetic monopoles? In particle physics, a magnetic monopole is a hypothetical elementary particle that is an isolated magnet with only one magnetic pole (a north pole without a south pole or vice versa). A […]

NPQG: Resistance is Futile

I’ve mostly avoided writing about my deep frustrations with the physics and cosmology communities, but occasionally I attempt to engage to see if there is a way to cause their faulty mental software of the GR-QM era to update with the far more sensible paradigm of NPQG. To: Dr. S.Cc: Dr. K. Hello S, I […]

Is the Universe a Simulation?

Simulation is a very rich world, although less often discussed in the context of science, technology, engineering, and math than in the world of gaming. In this post I’ll talk about simulation and how it relates to Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity (𝗡𝗣𝗤𝗚). What new modes of simulation may be possible? Could we be in […]

The Joy of X : Priya Natarajan

‘The Joy of X‘ is a podcast hosted by mathematician Dr. Steven Strogatz and sponsored by Quanta Magazine. Steven had a discussion with black hole scientist Dr. Priya Natarajan on his January 22, 2020 podcast. I’ll make a few comments on how Priya’s work relates to NPQG. Priya’s doctoral work at Cambridge with Dr. Martin […]