Nature is a Trickster

Consider that the Universe is highly influenced by an emergent Riemannian spacetime superfluid gas, which is permeating a Euclidean space, and that the gas formed from immutable, equal and opposite, charged, Planck radius spheres carrying energy. The universe is physically based upon two geometries, one foundational Euclidean geometry and one dynamical and emergent Riemannian geometry! […]

Lawrence Krauss : 5 Minute Physics : Episode 26

Dr. Lawrence Krauss posted a fascinating series of “5 Minute Physics” videos circa April/May 2020. They are filmed in and around his Oregon home, which is in a lovely woods with a creek running through it, and this yields a very pleasing viewing experience. Let’s dive into Episode 26. Episode 26 : In this episode […]

Forces, Mass, and Gravity

Here is a conceptual diagram to illustrate the four forces of nature. The strong interaction is the containment force that a shell imposes on its payload. The gravitational interaction is a shell to shell ebb and flow of energy. The electromagnetic interaction is between charged payloads. The weak interaction occurs when a particle is undergoing […]

The Quandary in Physics and Cosmology

Physics and cosmology are at a quandary. Ask a layperson to name notable achievements in either field across history, and certain events may come up—the development of heliocentric theory (in which the solar system orbits around the sun), Galileo’s experiments, Einstein’s theory of relativity—but if asked to constrain their statements to the most recent decade […]

NPQG Book Outline

I intend to weave together NPQG articles and posts into an online open access book here on this site. I’ve provided a rough outline below and I will be linking up existing posts as time permits and evolving the outline. Eventually this will become the home page of the site. NPQG Book Outline Introduction to […]

The Mathematical Foundation of NPQG

As I continue my physics and cosmology research I am learning more of the academic terminology. In this post I will apply that learning to the definition of the mathematical foundation of the theory and mathematical model of NPQG. The Foundational Elements of Nature and the Universe The universe foundation includes one and only one […]