Recommended Physics Books

An excellent book. I read it when it recently came out in 2018, and I will read it again this year. Dr. Hossenfelder discusses the facets of, what I think is fair to say, a crisis in physics. Her main thesis is that the field is too absorbed in theories and mathematics that appeal to […]

Idealized Neoclassical Model

The purpose of this idealized model of nature is to facilitate thought experiments based on the assumptions of a minimal two particle physical universe. The hope is the thought experiments may lead to new insights about nature. This is not a formal physics model.

Neutrino Oscillation Musings

Neutrinos are known to oscillate between flavors, but the mechanism is not understood. Perhaps π—‘π—£π—€π—š can lead to an explanation by showing how the energy, electrinos, and positrinos can be reconfigured or interact with the superfluid.

The Local Temperature of the Superfluid

For anyone new to Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity (π—‘π—£π—€π—š), please be aware that π—‘π—£π—€π—š is entirely compatible with general relativity (GR) and quantum mechanics (QM). π—‘π—£π—€π—š is a physical model of nature. π—‘π—£π—€π—š is the flip side of both GR and QM.