Nature and Math

Nature is both discrete and continuous. GR-QM era physics models nature and “particles” as fields. Everything is a field. In contrast, the NPQG model is based upon two fundamental particles (electrino and positrino) and the fields they emit. In NPQG particles are discrete, and local fields are continuous. If the natural world is physical with […]

Kirsten Hacker : Thought Experiments

Since early October 2019, I have found myself inspired by the writings of Kirsten Hacker. Kirsten writes books and social media posts about a variety of topics, including physics and justice, which are two of my favorite subjects. It is truly wonderful and promising to meet someone, especially an individual as bright and creative as […]

Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity

NPQG as a theory and model is a spacetime (Bose-Einstein condensate?) superfluid plus shiny items from the physics bone pile. Pick up the incredibly valuable discarded pieces and reinterpret the experiments to understand nature. It is so much simpler in a classical model that finesses between GR and QM. It is entirely consistent and may close all known problems.

Kirsten Hacker : Disentanglement

This post is a response to Kirsten Hacker‘s article “Disentanglement.” Kirsten is an extremely talented individual who happens to be quite knowledgeable about the fields of physics and cosmology, due to her earning a Ph.D. and twenty years in the field. She also has an insider’s perspective. Please read Kirsten’s article first and then come […]

Kirsten Hacker : Blue Skies

This post is based on Kirsten Hacker‘s fascinating article “Blue Skies” and a brief exchange we had in the comments section following her article. Please read Kirsten’s article first and then come back for our comment dialogue. I’ve edited my comments for clarity and expanded on them to a degree. Also, be sure to check […]

Kirsten Hacker : Signs of the Times

This post is in response to Kirsten Hacker’s article “Signs of the Times.” Kirsten is an immensely talented individual. Please read Kirsten’s article first and then come back for my thoughts. Also, check out her fascinating books on I agree 100% that physics and cosmology have made huge errors of judgement in promoting their […]