Revisiting Nobel Prize Research

I have been considering writing this post for over a year. I have mixed feelings about revisiting the Nobel prizes in physics with the knowledge of NPQG in hand. Let’s go through the set of conflicting thoughts that run through my mind. The Nobel Prize is considered the highest award in physics (and other fields) […]

Tensions in Cosmology

I thought I would start a list of tensions in cosmology. I’ll include the NPQG solution in bold red font. I’ll also group issues that are related to the same NPQG solutions. The root cause of the big bang and inflation. The physical implementations of the big bang and inflation is parallel, intermittent, independent and […]

What is the Root Cause of Uncertainty?

Quantum mechanics introduced the concept of uncertainty but does quantum mechanics truly understand the root cause of uncertainty? Each particle will be influenced by gravitational waves, which are quite significant as we get down to the fine accounting for energy. Energy is conserved and this means we need to keep track of every energy increment […]

Dr. Stacy McGaugh : Triton Station Blog

This post is an appeal to astronomers and astrophysicists to consider the conversion of ΛCDM to incorporate galaxy local cosmological processes for the big bang, inflation, and expansion. On Twitter, I follow astrophysicist @DudeDarkMatter who is Dr. Stacy McGaugh of Case-Western University. I enjoy reading his tweets about many subjects and in particular astrophysics. Stacy […]

Transforming Guth to Truth

In this post, we’ll go through an Alan Guth cosmology lecture and show how to transform the ΛCDM narrative of cosmology into a sensible model of reality using NPQG. While you watch this video, use the following translation table to transform the lecture into the NPQG cosmological model, which is far more parsimonious, sensible, logical, […]

Loop Quantum Gravity and NPQG

Let’s discuss loop quantum gravity (LQG) and compare and contrast it with NPQG. Let’s start with basics from Dr. Carlo Rovelli via this set of twenty lectures. Episodes 1 and 2 will build your foundation of understanding from the historical progression of the understanding of space and time through black holes. Episode 3 through 20 […]