GR and QM Are Not Connected to Nature

I wrote this response to a post in reddit r/philosophy. It didn’t garner any engagement. It wasn’t deleted by moderators either, so that is promising.

A huge problem is that quantum mechanics, and general relativity before that, offer no implementation of nature and the universe. GR and QM are effective theories that match our observations, but without an implementation we can not know what is truly going on.

I think the root issue blocking progress towards a solution to nature occurs with the incorrect conclusion that a classical solution can not solve nature and then the decades long capitulation to quantum theory after a lot of protestation from Einstein and many others. 

The scientific method, which I believe is the domain of philosophers, offers no proactive methods to detect false prior interpretations. The scientific method only does so passively and reactively. However, given that the fields of particle physics and cosmology have been in crisis for decades now (some say 40-50 years, I say 120-150 years), I think the scientific method itself is failing us by not providing proscribed methods to proactively search through the history of the fields looking for where a wrong turn occurred.

Specifically, I have found that there appear to be three false prior assumptions in the work of Lienard and Wiechert circa 1900. For understandable reasons, given what was known at the time, they set the magnitude of unit potential point charges |q| = |e|. All that was known at the time was positive and negative charge units equal to the electron and proton. Then based on the theory of Maxwell and the measurements of light, they set the maximum speed of a point charge to c, and they also set the speed of the potential field emitted by a point charge to c.

These assumptions are in the direct line of logic that led to the conclusion that a classical solution could not match observations and enter quantum mechanics which did match observations. 

Decade later with the discovery of the neutron, the set of known charge values expanded to {-1, 0, 1} but this did not cause scientists to revisit Lienard and Wiechert’s assumptions. A few more decades and “fractional charge” was discovered with the quarks, expanding the known charge values to {-1, -2/3, -1/3, 0, 1/3, 2/3, 1} and still this did not cause scientists to revisit Liendard and Wiechert’s history potential theory. Why not? Human error? Oversight? Locked into the “shut up and calculate” mantra?

Let’s reconsider now. If Lienard and Wiechert had considered “fractional charge” they might have looked at |q| = |e/3| or |q| = |e/6| or any other integer fraction of the known charges. Yet “fractional charge” is a misnomer. What such a charge magnitude would really mean is that standard matter particles are composed of dynamic assemblies of positive and negative unit potential point charges. Ok, that’s interesting. 

If this were true, then the photon would also be an assembly of unit potential point charges. Then we would turn to the remaining two assumptions of Lienard and Wiechert about speed. Why would the photon assembly determine the speed of the point charge? Why would the photon assembly determine the speed of the potential emission of the point charge? They wouldn’t. We would have discovered an ontological inversion. Instead, the characteristics of the point charge would determine the behaviour of the photon and all other standard matter particles. 

Conjecture : there is a different set of these three assumptions that leads to a neoclassical solution to nature. Not only that, the solution is fairly obvious at this point, even though stating so brings howls of derision from physicists. Of course they react this way because they have chosen perhaps the most difficult path from which to discover nature. The capitulation to effective theories, which are good for matching observations, and have been considered acceptable for technological progress, has led to incredibly confusing interpretations and extremely difficult mathematics. Witness the mountain of outreach material attempting to explain quantum theory, such as spooky action at a distance and Bell’s Inequality.

So physicists will react poorly to such a conjecture and they will fight to discredit the person making the conjecture, but curiously they never address the conjecture itself. They will attempt to get posts removed by the mods. Not sure if this one will survive, so a screen shot is recommended.

I think it is quite rewarding to discover the three false assumptions yourself and then discover the architecture of nature, and there are a lot of bright people here who can do that, so I’ll limit myself to one clue for now. If you want more clues or want to jump to the solution itself, message me and I’ll help.


|q| = |e/6|