More Reddit Censorship

I posted the following in reddit r/boston on November 5, 2022 and it was removed in less than 15 minutes. How about that for idea suppression?

Subject : Bostonians are capable of solving nature and the universe. It’s easy with false priors fixed.

  • Hi! I am a Boston resident and I’d like to share a puzzle where the solution promises great opportunity for Boston/Cambridge area universities and technology startups. 
  • Boston is a locus for creative individuals who think about the search for the fundamental basis of nature and the universe — i.e, those who ponder general relativity and quantum mechanics.
  • While general relativity and quantum mechanics are highly effective theories, they offer no implementation of nature.
  • The inability to discover a unifying view of nature and the universe is an age old problem that has been excruciatingly difficult for decades and arguably for more than a century.
  • It turns out there are false priors in the bedrock of physics that are the root cause of the problem.
  • Fixing the false priors leads to a simple solution to nature, that combined with emergence leads to all that we observe.
  • The following graphic puzzle depicts the issue.
    • You can solve nature yourself and it is not difficult.
    • First consider the magnitude of unit potential point charges, 
    • After some thought, realize that the ontology of quantum theory has been extremely confused. 
    • Now you are ready to consider the speed related priors. 
    • Keep going. Imagine. 
    • Map what you have found to the standard model. 
    • Continue until the architectural pattern emerges.
  • Social media guardians of physics may attempt to censor this post.
    • I get their feels : it’s heresy to suggest their field (of fields) is based on false priors and they missed the simple garden path. 
    • If this is interesting, I suggest a screen shot, in case it vanishes.
  • I’m happy to offer clues or guidance towards the solution. Feel free to message me.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts


re: Inquiry as to post removal.

Hi Mark, 

This is r/Boston. We discuss things here that are specific to the greater Boston area. It is a rather simple concept. This place is called Boston and we discuss Boston. 

This is not a physics sub. It is not a mathematics sub. Perhaps you should consider posting your little puzzle in one of those places. 

Thanks, Mod

re: Inquiry as to post removal.

Hi mod, Oh, ok, I thought I addressed that at the beginning in that my post was for the community of people in the greater Boston area that focus on these questions and also that the solution to the puzzle promises great opportunity for Boston area universities and technology startups. By “opportunity” I mean jobs and investment into the community. 

I would have thought that qualifies as being about Boston, but now I see that the sub is focused pedantically on things like gum on the sidewalk and breakdowns on the MBTA.

Best, Mark

Supporting information on best graduate schools for related subjects according to US News and World Report.

  • Chemistry
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    • Harvard : #5
  • Physics
    • Harvard : #2 tie
    • MIT : #2 tie
  • Mathematics
    • MIT : #1 tie
    • Harvard : #3 tie
  • Biological Science
    • Harvard : #1 tie
    • MIT : #3 tie
  • Computer Science
    • MIT : #1
    • Harvard : #16