Comparing Models of Nature

Let’s recap and compare findings on general relativity, quantum theory, and the standard models of particles and cosmology vs. NPQG.

Aspect1850 to 2020 Physics and Cosmology
Jefimenko, Lienard & Wiechert
Einstein’s Special and General Relativity.
Quantum Theories
Standard Model
Lambda Cold Dark Matter Cosmology
Next Era : Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity

Unit potential point charge model of nature
Electrino : unit negative potential point charge
Positrino : unit positive potential point charge
A Euclidean void in 1D time and 3D space

Technical False PriorsJefimenko’s equations and the Lienard Wiechert potentials
1) incorrectly fix the magnitude of unit potential charge. 2) incorrectly fix the maximum velocity of a point charge.
None known. The model is quite simple.

Science missed the idea of assemblies of point charges.
Magnitude |e/6| maps logically to the standard model.
Standard matter particles are assemblies.
Therefore the photon is an assembly.
The maximum speed of a point charge is not “c”.
Perhaps there is no natural limit on point charge speed.
Emergent assemblies might impose speed limits.
Implementation and Geometry
of Space and Time
Space and time are not considered separately.A Euclidean void in 1D time and 3D space.
No known beginning nor end in absolute time.
No known beginning nor end in absolute space.
A vessel for energetic unit potential point charges.
A vessel for potential spheres emitted by point charges.
Implementation and Geometry of SpacetimeEinstein’s spacetime is a curvy geometry.
There is no implementation specified.
Point charges form assemblies.
The first assembly is an orbiting electrino and positrino.
Orbiting point charges are also called an orbiting dipole.
Energy determines orbiting dipole frequency and radius.
Orbiting dipoles of vastly different energy couple & nest.
A triple nested dipole is stable because space is 3D.
All assemblies have an orbiting dipole(s) engine.
Spacetime is made of low apparent energy tri-dipoles.
Shapeshifting tri-dipoles implement Einstein’s geometry.
Types of Fields~24-26 for standard model particles.
Far more if count exotic particles in PDG.
There is only 1 potential field.
The potential field is the sum of all Dirac spheres.
Action occurs when Dirac sphere crosses a point charge.
Sum over individual actions, not by computing the field.
Local actions dominate most interactions.
SingularitiesMany scientists say singularities aren’t real.
Some scientists imagine wormholes.
There is a smallest radius orbital tied to the Planck scale.
Thus, there are no singularities due to asymptotic safety.
Beginning of the UniverseInflationary big bang occurred 13.8B years ago.
Some models suggest this wasn’t the beginning.
No known beginning in time nor space.
Point charges are immutable.
End of the UniverseMany models :
from heat death, to big crunch, to cyclic universes.
No known end in time nor space.
Point charges are immutable.
ExpansionWith regards to “Expanding universe,” I am uncomfortable with this concept at macro level. This is tens of orders of magnitude away from where we need to be thinking.

Einstein describes spacetime with geometry.
Let’s drill down to small scales.
Zoom in to a small cell of expanding spacetime.
You also see assembly pair production and annhilation.
That cell contains dark matter and dark energy.
There are complex processes happening.
How cosmologists can zoom back out and talk about universe expansion is an incredible and unscientific leap.
I think cosmologists ought to drill in and get right into the business of the particle physicists and try to understand exactly what is happening at the smallest scales.

Dark energy is shielded energy, unobservable as mass.
Expansion means the spacetime cell geometry changes.
We know redshift changes the geometry of the photon. DeBroglie told us matter has a frequency.
Does matter redshift too?
Does the spacetime cell redshift?
How is the expansion geometry change implemented?
Does pair production deplete spacetime?
Which processes impact spacetime cell expansion?

All particles are powered by dipole sub-assemblies.
The (nested) dipole(s) are shape shifters with energy.
InflationAn insightful concept at the incorrect ontological level.
The highest energy dipole at the Planck energy has an orbital radius on the order of the Planck length.
As it dissipates energy orbital radius inflates quickly.
Orbital radius peaks when orbital velocity drops to @.
Where @ is the universal constant potential field speed.
Inflation is a galaxy local process or processes.
Inflation occurs when high energy dipoles dissipate.
I suspect SMBH jets are an inflation source.
Inflationary photons are spread beyond the galaxy.
TunablesMany tunables in each model.
Skepticism due to curve fitting.
No tunables.
Three empirically measurable facts.
Universal speed of potential sphere expansion.
Large scale density of point charges.
Large scale density of energy carried by point charges.

I offer these insights, logic, and thought experiments as a reference for those discovering nature in the future. I am sure this vein of inquiry will lead to amazing advances in science and technology. Giddy Up!

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts