Nature’s Playful Tease

Let’s think about this image of stars orbiting around Sagittarius-A, the super-massive black hole (SMBH) at the center of our galaxy. This system of an SMBH and nearby stars is an assembly, a construct. A measurable and predictable aspect of this assembly is the (x,y,z,t) path of each orb through spacetime. Not only must we consider the relative path of each orb around the SMBH, but we must also consider that the entire galactic assembly may be translating on orbits at larger scales. We could consider the path of each orb to be its wave equation, and the collection of paths of the assembly to be the wave equation of the system.

To set the scale, I believe it to be common understanding, and most definitely my intuition, to expect that each galaxy’s highest density of point charges, carrying the highest scalar energy density, would be found in and around its SMBH. Each galaxy is one in ~200 billion in the observable universe with scale ~1030 meters.

Imagining these orbital dynamics, the clues nature presents are teasing us with sweet whispers of the ultimate solution! It is well known that nature often repeats patterns at higher scales with limited recursion in some cases. Since we know of this meta-pattern, we can also take a large scale pattern and imagine that it is a repeat of smaller scale problems, and that there may be patterns that repeat all the way to the Planck scale, if as I infer, Planck scale is related to the fundamentals of nature. The largest scale pattern in terms of extreme matter-energy is the SMBH and the matter-energy that orbits closely. This is an enormous scale and the major large scale force is intense gravitational attraction.

How might we drop down scores of orders of magnitude in size and imagine the proximity of Planck scale with comparable densities of matter and energy? In my view, the Noether core is the ideal solution : an assembly of unit potential point charges forming a tri-dipole gyroscopic flywheel, each dipole at vastly different scale points. Instead of gravity providing the attractive force, it is the Coulomb force between opposite unit potential point charges, which of course is a force dominated by proximity. The axial vortex of the dipoles in the Noether core implement the strong force. In the terminology of chemistry the point charges in each dipole are strongly bonded.

This post is an attempt to capture your imaginative, creative, and logical selves to imagine how nature echos and amplifies a pattern from scales near 10-30 meters to scales near 1030 meters. I think it is truly amazing and beautiful.

J Mark Morris : Maine Coastline

By J Mark Morris

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