What is Reality?

Dr. Sara Imari Walker asks on Twitter, “What is reality?” Here is my response.

Tragically, a false prior has devastated the understanding of physics and cosmology. Nature is simply a Euclidean void in time and space populated with energetic unit potential point charges. They emit a spherically expanding unit potential at each continuous point on their path.

Each unit potential is acted upon by all impinging spherical potential waves. Imagine a continuous stream of Dirac spheres all centered on the emitter’s path. Unit potential field speed is a universal constant. And the magnitude of the point charge maps to |e/6|. Assemblies form!

The photon is an assembly of point charges that sails on the field speed. Thus c approaches field speed in deep space. Lastly, nature does not limit the speed of a point charge. The speed may surpass c. In an orbiting dipole the maximum speed is c * pi / 2. Think about it.

Don’t worry about the cognitive dissonance. It all makes sense. In an orbiting positive and negative point charge dipole, we find the long sought after symmetry breaking point when v = field speed ~=c. Think about why that is. Yes, THAT symmetry breaking point.

I presume free point charges with v > field speed ~= c are quite reactive. We know what particle showers look like in the atmosphere or in colliders. Very high energy point charges are beyond perturbative to assemblies in their path. They may react and create a cascade.

We see that the point charge speed exceeding field speed isn’t a big deal. Either that energy gets distributed through a particle shower or we have the specific orbiting dipole assembly that clicks off h-bar and changes radius and frequency accordingly. This is the accountant.

I do want to point out that when a point charge has a speed greater than field speed in an orbiting dipole assembly that we are in the totally unexplored realm of self action. It’s challenging to think about. THIS is how neoclassical physics gives quantum mechanics the heave-ho.

We need to split the quantum. The quantum is a behaviour of an assembly. It is time for us to recognize how nature assembles from point charges and advance quickly in all sciences. This thread is essentially the README to the source code of nature. Everyone needs to think deeply.

Well, I hope Sara reads my Twitter replies and understands them. She is a very creative person, but on the other hand, it is very difficult for physicists to consider ideas beyond the accepted, but woefully incorrect, narratives.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts