Reasoning on the Universe’s Shape

What can we deduce from the shape of the universe?

The exact shape [of the universe] is still a matter of debate in physical cosmology, but experimental data from various independent sources (WMAP, BOOMERanG, and Planck for example) confirm that the universe is flat with only a 0.4% margin of error.


There is an important geometrical territory that is contained within the ontologically broader “flat universe”. Specifically, the concept that the universe may have a foundation of Euclidean space and time. Scientists seem to have cognitive dissonance on this topic and I think that is because Einstein influenced them to think of spacetime as a curvable geometry, even though “spatial topology cannot be determined from its curvature, due to the fact that there exist (mathematically) locally indistinguishable spaces with different topologies.” – Wikipedia.

If we examine the leap of faith that the foundation is Euclidean space and time then what implements Einsteins curvable geometry of spacetime? I am immediately drawn to the idea of a permeating aether of extremely tiny and lightly interacting particles that can change size with energy. Remember, despite all the proselytizing from CERN for funding of higher energy colliders, we are also not able to detect the low end of particle energy.

Euclidean time is one dimensional and Euclidean space is three dimensional. It’s not complex at all, because at this level of geometrical abstraction there are no actual metrics, no signposts, no origin. However, we can estimate absolute time and space metrics based on local curvature of the overlay material that implements Einstein’s spacetime. We can also differentiate between a unit potential point charge at absolute rest compared to having a velocity v.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts

p.s. the astute reader will realize that if the basis of the Universe is in fact a Euclidean time and space — that it immediately consigns many GR/QM/LCDM era theories to the annals of wrong ideas. That said, there may still be some good ideas that can be mined from those discarded theories and recast for the NPQG era.