Euclidean Time and Space

Perhaps the most fundamental element of nature is a void of time and space that forms the background for the universe. In the formulation of Neoclassical Physics and Quantum Gravity, NPQG, I have presumed no functional capabilities of the void other than to serve as a vessel for energetic unit potential point charges. Let’s discuss the characteristics of the void.

The void itself is defined as emptiness.

A Euclidean vector space is a finite-dimensional inner product space over the real numbers.


The geometry of the void is a Euclidean vector space with one-dimensional time and three-dimensional space, each continuous over the real numbers geometrically. This means that time and space are linear, i.e., flat. Note : The curviness of Einstein’s spacetime is an emergent behaviour caused by point charge assemblies that permeate the void and all standard matter.

The void istelf has no markers or signposts or coordinate system.

The void itself has no charge and is neutral. The void, in the absence of point charges, would contain no scalar or vector potential field.

The void has no known beginning nor end in time or space. The void has no known historical origin and no known future end.

The void may be considered to be a non-moving absolute frame of reference. Thus a point charge which has a velocity of zero, is at rest relative to the absolute frame of the void. This will establish the basis of what we will call absolute relativity.

It is only via the contents of the void, the energetic point charges and the electric potentials that they emit that we are able to define relative position and measures of time and distance.

NPQG defines one constant of nature, which is the speed of the electric potential field emitted by a point charge, which we label with the symbol ‘@’. I am inclined to assign that constant of nature to the characteristics of the unit potential point charge rather than to the void. Note : The photon, which is an assembly of point charges, travels at speed c, which approaches @ in low apparent energy spacetime aether.

By J Mark Morris

General relativity and quantum mechanics rest upon the false priors of Lienard and Wiechert. It is an easy fix and anyone can discover the architecture of nature.