Nonsense Pop Woo Physics

I was going to skip this video from Sabine because I prefer not to waste my time on woo-ish pop science, but, watch it I did. Why is Sabine spending her time on this? My guess is that there is a monetizable market for woo-ish pop science and Sabine can do whatever she wants with her time and efforts.

I have so many critiques, but let’s start with Wikipedia defining a warp drive as “a device that distorts the shape of the spacetime continuum.” Spacetime is not implemented by an abstract geometry. What we call spacetime, is a low apparent energy aether of pro and anti Noether cores which implement Einstein’s geometry at our scales of observation.

Noether cores are nested tri-dipole assemblies. For the Noether cores implementing spacetime aether, the lowest energy dipole is precessing madly and shielding energy from the two higher energy dipoles of each Noether core. Given this understanding of the implementation of spacetime, I have no idea what it would mean to warp an aether of Noether cores.

I could possibly understand cracking open Noether cores and using the energy inside them. I presume that is a difficult thing to do. Try prying apart two point charges which are orbiting each other at incredibly high frequency and extremely tiny radius. Let’s say you tap into that energy and make your rocket ship go fast. Do you really want to approach the speed of light? Do you know what that implies?

First, as you accelerate the three orbital planes of each Noether core must turn towards orthogonal to the line of travel. There is one Noether core in each electron, and three Noether cores in each proton or neutron. I have no idea what turning all those orbital planes would do to your rocket-ship or your astronauts, but I would hazard a guess it is not a good thing at some point. Lastly, the faster you go, the higher the rate that the Noether cores implementing spacetime are flowing through you and your rocket and who knows what issues that causes. Oh, and you are going to redshift much faster, if that matters.

I have a similar issue for the pop-science outreach that talks about taking your spaceship across the event horizon of a black hole. Seriously!? Why can’t they simply say you would be vaporized long before you cross the event horizon and it would be smarter to stay far away from black holes?

It seems that in the years 2020 to 2022 we are seeing more and more science outreach pundits turn to popularizing fantastical woo-ish ideas. Avi Loeb at Harvard is talking about aliens. Brian Keating at UC San Diego is also talking about aliens and all kinds of other nonsense. Eric Weinstein is talking about conspiracy theories. Arvin Ash is dipping his toes in nonsense physics. Why? Why is this happening? Is it the pandemic? Is it legalized weed? Is it monetization of the audience interest in fantastical ideas? Is it some combination of these factors? Something else? I don’t get it, and I wish it would stop.

Nature is simple. The universe arises from a Euclidean void in space and time populated with energetic point charges moving about and emitting their electric potential as Dirac spheres. As each point charge encounters a Dirac sphere emitted by other point charges or its self, action occurs. It is the superposition of all action that tells the point charge how to move. It’s like Mach’s principle but using charge and potential instead of mass and gravity.

Emergence leads to complex assemblies and everything we observe. Unfortunately, science got confused and off track and diverted into effective theories rather than focusing on the actual solution to nature. One false prior is confusion about the speed of light. Photons are assemblies made of point charges and photons surf the electric scalar and vector potential of their constituent point charges. Yet, individual point charges are not limited by the speed of light. We cannot smuggle a characteristic of an assembly down to the fundamentals of point charges. The velocity of point charges can exceed c and that is the key. We must revisit Jefimenko’s equations and the Liénard–Wiechert potentials and build out the geometry of nature based upon this new insight.

We are at the cusp of the paradigm shift that hews down the massive tree of false prior interpretations and unlocks the incredible potential of nature that has been hiding in plain sight. Let’s discard all the false priors, nonsense, and woo and instead embark on the next era.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts