Noether Cores and Quantum Spin

It appears that all detectable particles, including those that are measurable but not understood, are based upon a Noether core. That includes all particles that science identifies in the standard model, as well as those particles that quantum mechanics (QM) based science does not yet understand. The Noether core is an amazing spinning tri-dipole structure that implements many essential aspects of nature. The Noether core provides a unified implementation model that has a mappable correspondence to the existing effective theories. Physicists already have an Ads-CFT correspondence and the fact that the Noether core is at the heart of everything, including spacetime aether, is probably why there is an Ads-CFT correspondence. You can think of the Noether core as being the personal chunk of spacetime that each particle rides. Wow, that would make a cool visual.

A point charge experiences itself and all others only via a superposition of auras. Are point charges maximally networked or lonely?

J Mark Morris
March 2022

It seems about time for an explorative thought experiment on the idea space for mapping between Noether cores and quantum spin. I’ve watched many wonderful and perplexing outreach videos on the concept of spin. Here’s one with a lot of explanatory detail.

I’m starting to vaguely map some ideas, brainstorm style :

  • The Generation I Noether core has three spinning electrino-positrino point charge dipoles with three orbital planes. We can model each dipole with an energy that determines frequency and orbital radius. Noether cores essentially click off time and take up space, and they are a granule of spacetime aether.
  • The Generation I Noether core probably maps to the group theoretic SO(3) which is a key theoretical concept in particle physics.
  • Noether cores come in a wide variety of energies and are often re-used in the assembly of structures with a higher assembly number. For example a photon is two planar Noether cores, back to back and counter-rotating coaxially. Similarly, but with less energy, a neutrino wobbles and has varying energy shielding. Photons and neutrinos are essentially the same, just at different energy levels. Neutrinos don’t spin as fast, so the passing electrinos and positrinos have more time to interact and the overall structure gets more wobbly. It’s wild to ideate about how nature might really work!
  • This could be pure gibberish idea, but looking at the SU(3) related math above, I wonder why the angle is indexed around 2pi divided by 3? It is as if something physical is happening in thirds of a circle. Could it be that the three dipoles in a Noether core favor 2pi / 3 offset of their like charges?
  • We need a full mapping of emergent point charge geometry to SU(3) × SU(2) × U(1) of the standard model.
  • The math of so many aspects appears to be a straightforward mapping of spinning dipoles to the math of the standard model.
    • Study carefully the 3Blue1Brown YouTube episodes related in any way to how we use e and i for rotations.
  • We need to tie in the spinor which must go twice around to reach the original state.
    • If the high energy dipole is considered the relative base, then the we might consider the relative spin rate of the middle dipole and the outer dipole.
    • What if the dipoles tend to harmonize in ways that are favorable for the auras of all the point charge?
    • Aura is a new term for the superposition of all coincident scalar and vector potentials.
      • A point charge continuously experiences a dynamical aura.
    • Wild idea : Do dipoles trade h-bar internally?
    • Does nature select for harmonic resonance?
    • Doh! : of course, dipoles are the brokers of h-bar! Most certainly dipoles would trade with each other inside a Noether core.
    • Is it a directed trade? Is there an objective?
    • Is it emergence perhaps winnowed by a factor such as stability?
    • The dipoles in a Noether core are at vastly different energy scales.
    • The orbits may be more generally described as elliptical.
    • Presumably the ellipticity varies with velocity.
    • I conjecture the orbital plane angles and the ellipticity are related to the shielding function for energy.

This has been a tremendously fun brainstorming session with several ideas that might be truly ground-breaking given time to mature, articulate, and specify.

I encourage anyone who reads this to consider getting involved in the NPQG point charge universe project. It looks to me like this is a grand code-breaking exercise. Every intelligent being possesses a collection of specialized code breaking skills. That pretty much means anyone who is reading and imagining the ideas in this blog post is eligible, no matter what your background. Deciphering the mapping is no more complex than symbol mapping of hieroglyphics. Said another, way I expect that symbolic mappings will be developed that show the current GR, QM, and LCDM theories to be subsets of a larger unified theory of a point charge universe.

In the point charge universe we have point charge eight balls (charge, time, s, s’) and their aura. The challenge is to map that to GR, QM, and LCDM.

  • Our only true requirement is to match observations.
  • The mapping may recast understanding of measurement equipment, detected signal observations, and analysis methods.
    • In hindsight, the vulnerability of theories to their own observational methods should be examined during periods of scientific crisis.
  • We get bonus points by showing that we can map to existing “effective” theory.
  • We’ll need to weather a lot of blowback for showing that the existing narrative of GR, QM, and LCDM is pretty much not even wrong.

Nature is fun!

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts