J Mark Morris : AITA?

AITA : Acronym for “Am I the asshole?”. 1) A legitimate query. Usually the opening of a lively debate. 2) Also, it can be used in a sarcastic tone to indicate that it is truly someone else who is being mean or unreasonable.

Urban Dictionary

Yes, I have definitely had my asshole moments and interactions.

My philosophy is to reciprocally honor the dignity of each individual. The key word “Reciprocally” means I don’t take people dishonoring me on the chin. I have often used my pen and keyboard to skewer those who have targeted and bullied me. Am I defensive? Absolutely! I’m proud of it when warranted. I don’t take crap from anybody. Fortunately, I am not in a vulnerable position in the fields of physics, cosmology, or more generally science academia where those in power could leverage that power to silence me or worse.

That said, could I be more diplomatic and empathetic as I try to change the scientific worldview and worldline of others? Yes, I could be. I’m not great (I suck) at E.Q., influence, and persuasion. I do make an E.Q. effort at times, and increasingly so as the certainty of the point charge theory has doubled and redoubled ad infinitum. I’ll be very tolerant once point charge theory goes exponential beyond my cranium. I think it is fun to interact with the ideas of others when you have bandwidth, and easy to disengage politely when you don’t.

It’s difficult to remember all the brutal social media encounters on point charge theory although I am sure the internet has a memory. I’m no angel, and I am accountable for whatever I said in each context. I remember once responding to someone who had called what I do crackpot not even science and I said “this is the best science happening on the planet!.”

I was right in a sense, but I don’t call my efforts science — it is more like a prototype for an automated correction system to the scientific method — a relentless forensic Ai bot that scours for conditions that indicate false priors, hunts them down, and checks the branches of the tree from the spot of the false priors forward. That’s not science. That is some kind of sleuthing, code-breaking, detective work with a strong contribution from creative reverse engineering.

Q : You’ve stated that point charge theory could go exponential and be disruptive to funding and careers. What are your current thoughts?

R : Institutions and their processes often change slowly. I think there is something different about NPQG, because it is such a slam dunk mic drop moment in history. I think everyone already knows the solution to some degree because that is what has been causing them cognitive dissonance with the theories emanating from the physics and cosmology academia.

I empathize to some degree with the kind individuals who’s careers will take a reset because the subject matter of their study becomes moot or needs major reformulation. However, I think the opportunity is far greater in the point charge era. Who wouldn’t rather immediately switch on to a highly productive track with the source code of nature in hand? This is a no brainer. There is an abundance of opportunity and I hope everyone will find a rewarding position.

I have some new thoughts on funding. I think the funding agencies should work out some sort of limited continuity. My naive idea is that the funding agency would issue a change of direction notice giving six months grace and requiring the recipient to submit a corresponding adjusted research proposal to continue if accepted. I presume there are all kinds of legal clauses in funding contracts, and what I am suggesting is probably routine, but not often executed at scale. University administration could take on a role to iron this out at this unprecedented paradigm changing moment.

More importantly, and rendering this whole discussion moot, is that there will be an industry gold rush for smart people who can research and develop technologies that leverage the source code to nature.

Q : You’ve called for an end to tenure in the universites. Why?

R : I think there should be accountability for the massive failures and waste in physics and cosmology. One form of accountability is to cancel all tenure for these professors. I’d also fire the leadership of the departments and institutions. The new era requires new leadership.

In general, I am not in favor of the concept of tenure as some kind of unlimited obligated lifetime contract. I recommend multi year contracts (3-5 typical) with annual renewals. Let’s face it. This is all a business transaction space. Get an agent. Industry will be compensating at 10x.

Q : You’ve called for revoking physics & cosmology Ph.D.s Why?

R : My statement is hyperbolic, but I do think that any accrediting university should offer a recertification that teaches the point charge universe. I don’t know whether institutions have influence over their graduates, but I think they could develop and offer a variety of courseware to update their graduates for the new era.

Q : You’ve called for an elimination of the patriarchy? Thoughts?

The academic patriarchy is and has been toxic especially in physics and cosmology for the past six decades, as reported quite frequently by nothing-to-lose scientists, i.e., the ones who could speak freely after being chewed up and spat out. I have also lost faith in hierarchy itself. Each power node in the hierarchy is a person and individuals are failure points. Any mum individual in power can commit crimes against others and never get caught. There are simply too many failure modes when we base our organizations on individuals. I’ve been pondering alternatives. Here are a few :

  • I imagine a C level executive suite supported by a sparse hierarchy with each node a democracy of at least three individuals.
    • This could be effective against individual power corruption.
    • There may be even worse failure modes.
    • The outcome is dependent on the motivations of the triumvirate.
  • Middle management to be replaced by Ai
    • Operational middle management to be Ai, with human oversight.
    • Ai management system vendors would be challenged to demonstrate absence of discrimination or harassment on behalf of the Ai management.
    • Human on human discrimination and harassment eliminated.
    • Management coercion and grooming eliminated.
    • There may be even worse failure modes.
  • A mix of these alternatives.

I’ve been working to correct the false narratives of physics and cosmology since January 2018. I’ve been subjected to intense bullying, banning, and blocking by the guardians of physics and cosmology on social media. The experience has been uncomfortable and emotional for me. However, I realize that my issues with the community pale in comparison to those who have staked their career and well-being on these fields and experience the brutal behaviour day to day. Hopefully my efforts and constructive whinging will have a positive influence for individuals going forward in the point charge era.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts