Orbiting Point Charge Action

I’m continuing to work on the math of orbiting point charges. Here is a step along the way, prior to examining the E and B forces and momentum. Here are the charts for partner action and self action.

I think it is kind of cool that these equations are independent of radius. I think (hope) what is going to happen is that the E and B fields and the kinetic energy will regulate the radius, and that will hopefully map to Planck’s law and the Lorentz factor and therefore Einstein’s GR. Further, hopefully the energy bumps between stable solutions in integer frequencies will map to the the quantum of energy, tying in QM. One step at a time.

I would be appreciative of any forms of collaboration, in particular :

  • a check of the math,
  • ideas for more parsimony,
  • formal ways to express the math, and
  • better ways to express theta/cos(theta).

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