Implementing the NPQG Logo in Manim

I would like NPQQ educational videos to have a short splash animation of the NPQG logo. This is a good time to consider artistic variations on the current logo.

One idea is to incorporate alphabet block letters into the logo. Using child’s play blocks foreshadows the simplicity of the point charge universe. Here are a few sample images from the web.

This is also a good time to refresh the color scheme for the logo. The blue and red should be the same colors as I use for the electrino and positrino. Also the blue and red should probably map to the N and P of the logo since the electrino and positrino are the essential drivers of neoclassical physics. Recently, I started using purple as a neutral color, being a superposition of red and blue. I think purple should replace green.

The stylized example alphabet blocks are interesting. I like that they incorporate the letter in a circle, which would evoke the spherical nature of point charge immutability, as well as orbitals of the tri-dipole Noether core. Also, I bet there are some cool algorithms to dynamically draw the pattern surrounding the circle, like the fourier gear transformations used to draw the 3Blue1Brown logo.

Here is my first attempt.

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