Fixing Mach’s Principle and Self-Energy

What is the self-energy of an electrino and positrino approaching in empty Euclidean space from ‘infinity’ only due to attraction? Aside : It should be calculated without the aether right? Well at least that would seem to be the purer mathematical level that precedes the emergent behaviour. Let’s imagine that it just so happens that as the electrino and positrino graze each other they are each captured electromagnetically and kinetically at the closest possible radius of orbit determined by the geometry of the spherical immutability effect. Then this effect that causes immutability leads directly to the solutions of dozens of the most challenging problems in particle physics and cosmology.

Self Energy – Wikipedia

Imagine that the electrino and positrino are on the perfect dynamical glancing approach that results in orbital capture with each point charge carrying the Planck energy and orbiting at the absolute closest distance possible. That is the most energetic dipole. It should be very mathematical in Euclidean space and absolute time. The effect that causes immutability is closely related to the concepts of permittivity and permeability of Euclidean space at moments in continuous absolute time. Even though those point charges would be moving relatively slowly through space due to the permittivity and permeability it feels intuitive to me that somehow they establish the speed of photons c. Photons are an emergent structure with six electrinos and six positrinos and each photon is a Noether core coupled to an anti-Noether core. Counter-rotating orbiting dipoles. This explains a huge swath of physics including optics, polarization, double slit, wave-particle duality perception, some of the missing anti-matter, etc.

It is fascinating to consider what behaviours are fundamental and what are emergent. How exactly is the immutability of point charges implemented such that there is a spherical closest point of approach for any other point charge? Is that spherical boundary in some way emergent or a mathematical figment for visualization and understanding?

We need to update Mach’s principle for the point charge era. Mach’s principle, nee Berkeley’s conjecture, rests on an incomplete and incorrect understanding of the nature of matter, mass, and energy. We can move beyond that now.

The electromagnetic fields emitted or induced by moving point charges are transmitted continuously and attenuate with the inverse of absolute radius squared, 1/r2. Therefore we can articulate a new rule, and elevate it to a law.

Marko’s Law

The electromagnetic forces on each point charge in the universe are due to the accumulated reception of the electromagnetic fields from all point charges in the universe, including the point charge itself.

One really cool aspect of Marko’s Law is that it may imply that electrinos and positrinos must be populated at the same density asymptotically with increasing scale. I’ll leave this as a Ph.D. dissertation idea, and perhaps it is provable mathematically. The nice thing about proving that electrinos and positrinos must be equally dense at scale is that we don’t need to express that distribution as a parameter of the NPQG model, i.e. density = 50%. The glory goes to the smart person who proves this, but I will be indebted to them for the reduction from three to two free parameters.

The free parameters in our NPQG model are : 1) the density of point charges per unit volume self referenced to immutable point charge geometry, and 2) the density of the energy carried by said point charges. Our scientific studies tell us of an incredible diversity of structure, density, gravity, and energy throughout the universe. With the understanding of point charges we have entirely new areas of investigation, compounded by the fact that point charges are conserved which is a wonderful new constraint upon which to validate models. You must account for all the point charges to 5 sigma, right?

Another fascinating aspect of this new law is that point charges form structures which appear to naturally synchronize in a way that tends to maximize cancellation of their electromagnetic fields via superposition. Also by nature of their orbiting substructures opposite charges tend to reverse each others fields cyclically in time, thus often creating low level fluctionations that alternate.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts

p.s., I think I’ll need to expand more on this topic as the vision becomes clearer.

By J Mark Morris

General relativity and quantum mechanics rest upon the false priors of Lienard and Wiechert. It is an easy fix and anyone can discover the architecture of nature.

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