The Mystery Islands of Shielded Energy

aka A Tale of Point Charges in FlatLand.

aka The Universe is a Mine Field

This is a brainstorm post. I hope you enjoy this flight of fancy and take the time to float off in thought like I do.


I think I am having an insight.

I am having a clear realization of what I have known for a long time.

All Noether cores shield energy.

Standard matter particles shield hundreds to thousands times more energy than is apparent as mass. Eyeball and number crunch the orders of magnitude energy differences in generations of the standard model in the standard model chart. Check my math. Is hundreds to thousands times about right for atomic matter, i.e., protons, neutrons, electrons? That’s nothing. Seriously that is nothing. Now add in the total energy density of photons, neutrinos, and their detritus, spacetime aether particles. All of these particles are shielding gen II and gen III dipole energy. Some of these particles are really good at shielding, and therefore difficult to detect. The photon is almost perfect, appearing massless. The neutrino sort of has a wobble between it’s orbital planes thus revealing three different mass profiles. Perhaps most of all, the Higgs Boson, which may well be related to the particles of spacetime aether, aka dark matter. If you are following my thinking, that would make the Higgs a gen II particle. Spacetime aether aka dark matter is only at 2.8K, who are you kidding at 125GeV? Still, those high energy internal dipoles of the Noether core are crucial for the wave canellation that shields their energy.

What about photons and neutrinos?

What about spacetime aether particles?

The universe is composed of islands of shielded energy.

We live in the in-between, the interstitial volume, the interstices,

Every particle, including spacetime particles (aka dark matter), has shielded energy and aether particles are much smaller due to having a very cold outer layer.

We are talking massive shielded energy!

So how does energy shielding work, exactly?

Do the orbits of the dipoles align in some way, for maximum cancellation of waves?

Sure that must be how it works. It requires only superposition, which means no new physics and nothing required of space.

Is this related to reactions seeking the lowest energy?

Is this related to objects being gravitated towards higher energy?

Let’s start with 2-D flatland scenario. A plane. A Euclidean plane.

A point charge emits a circular field.

A positive and negative point charge have a stable circular dipole orbit with radius r and frequency f.

Every half revolution the opposite point charge sweeps through and reverses the peak fields of its orbital partner.

What is the electric field at radius r, inside the orbit and beyond?

It is mathematically calculable.

Is it fair to say that every point in the 2-D plane perceives alternating electric and magnetic fields, or zero in the case of the origin?

It should look like an alternating field of a certain frequency.

Are all of the resulting fields in flatland symmetrical?

What happens close to the point charges?

What happens at the center of the rotation?

What is the orthogonal magnetic field at each point in 2D flatland?

You must sum any fields impinging, regardless of when they were emitted in time and from all point charges including ones-self.

Now once that is all calculated, let’s place another dipole at the most optimum radius for shielding energy beyond that point.

What is that radius and frequency? Can we calculate it?

Also, how does that relate to the third dipole? What is its role?

Aside : I am presuming that there are three generations of dipole in a Noether core. Not to get all woo-ish, but at some point physicists will need to look into whether 3 is the provably correct number for 3-D or if there could be additional dipoles contained within – Ha ha, there could be turtles (dipoles) all the way down, but only as far as Planck scale where there is a hard clank, so that’s not too surprising.

Ok, so what does this all mean? Basically, all of reality that we experience is in the low energy interstitial channels of space because Noether cores shield energy and only reveal the minimum amount as apparent energy or mass.

Do we have the sign wrong in the energy-momentum equation?

The faster a particle travels isn’t it actually hiding apparent energy by becoming more planar with greater shielding?

A photon is optimal at shielding energy and can travel by stealth at c.

The counter-rotating cores exactly balance one another and present virtually zero field to spacetime aether.

Philosophically this is somewhat bizarre.

Why would nature choose to shield energy?

What is the benefit to doing so?

The more energy you shield, the faster you can go.

Are the particles that survive fit for purpose? Of course. They must be according to emergence.

Does it turn out that in nature, as far as particles go, survival requires a 3D Noether core? You betcha.

Do Noether cores exhibit energy shielding? Yes.

This seems to imply that emergence favors survival of the most stable in given conditions. This is the simple chemistry of reactions.

We know what happens to particles that reveal their heavy mass. Their destiny appears to be in general towards higher energy reactions and in general towards the supermassive black hole in the galaxy center.

Ok, so there is nothing woo-ish about this.

It’s not like Noether cores are alive and making decisions or anything!

I think it is more parsimonious to ascribe behaviour as emergent rather than intentional.

The language we use to describe our understanding of nature must avoid any presupposition or surmise of an overarching Will as a root cause unless and until we reach the stage of emergence with free will.

Aside: Surely an overarching Will could design a universe that would not have this flaw. Ha, just kidding, I think. Are we in a simulation, yet? It is very possible that we may be in a very large and long loop of self-priming Monte Carlo simulations. See Debate : Alan Guth vs. Roger Penrose.

It is rather stunning and amazing that as much as physicists know, they do not realize that the generation II and III energy levels are contained and shielded within the generation 1 Noether core. It is even more discombobulating that physicists do not realize that all standard matter particles are powered by Noether cores which shield generation II and III energy. Shielding is easy with no new physics. You know how superposition works, right? We are simply talking orbiting point charges here at different radii. I imagine that the middle dipole somehow tunes to the perfect frequency and radius for maximum cancellation of emanating electromagnetic waves from itself as well as the inner dipole. This has perplexed physicists for ages. All that is required is to pick up point charges and endow them with the minimum necessary characteristics. Immutability is a given, because it solves so much nonsense with a stroke of the pen (singularities, wormholes, many worlds, etc.). It’s an easy game to play. Call them the electrino and positrino at -/+ |e/6|.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts

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p.s., In case anyone queries, the interior dipoles in a Noether core are not technically “like a black hole”. In fact they have a very distinct radius that is easy to understand logarithmically. The spacetime aether situation is very different geometrically to a black hole. In the spacetime aether, by definition the apparent energy presents a 2.7K kinetic energy and reacts so lightly that we call it dark matter and the gravitational medium. Thinking this through, if we imagine a spacetime aether particle as two Noether cores and two anti-Noether cores, sort of nestling like a Helium nucleus (nature repeats patterns). So it’s 3/3, anti 3/3, 3/3, anti 3/3 which is 12 electrinos and 12 positrinos or 24 total point charges. Also remember, that if the dominant contributor to spacetime aether is tired photons and tired neutrinos then we suspect that the internal dipoles are also redshifted. Anyway, what does it all matter anyway? The photon is a construct of a Noether core and an anti-Noether core. The neutrino is like a photon but with three distinctly lower energy dipole orbits.

Now to contrast this to a black hole, my first reaction is we need a whole new theory of black holes based upon the realization that point charges are the new fundamental, and that a photon is a 2nd order composite structure. In other words, the basis of the prior theory is not just falsified, it is defunct.

p.p.s., Note to reddit r/particlephysics :

Hi – My hobby is going way back in history to the 1800’s and thinking about theoretical ideal point charges rehabilitated with immutabilty – aka neoclassical point charges. Recently I have been thinking about the physics of shielding of energy. What is shielding? The only possibility with existing physics is superposition that has a cancelling effect. What is the lowest radiated (apparent) energy configuration of two opposite point charges moving and interacting in a Euclidean plane? Let’s call this 2D Flatland for intellectual fun.If the point charges are moving they are generating a magnetic field. So I thought how could you erase that magnetic field? The best you could do would be to have the opposite point charge sweep through on the same circular orbit. That seems like a clever solution to me, especially as you zoom out by orders of magnitude in scale from this rotating dipole. The only measurable signal would be a high frequency low magnitude fluctuation in the electromagnetic fields.I’m also trying to imagine the Flatland situation with one more dipole of opposite point chargses orbiting each other at a larger radius and lower energy scale than the first dipole. Is there some radius (i.e., energy) of the 2nd dipole that is optimal for canceling the radiation from the first dipole? Does direction matter? Would nature favor one or the other situation and if so why?