A Wish for Senior Physicists

Steven Weinberg passed in July 2021. I am sad that he didn’t live to see the point charge era begin. There are quite a few senior physicists who I would just love to hear discuss their thoughts on the immutable point charge solution. I’m probably missing several in this list. I’ll keep adding as they pop into my (62) aging memory.

  • Shelley Glashow (90-)
  • David Gross (80)
  • Alan Guth (75)
  • Gerard ‘t Hooft (75)
  • Lawrence Krauss (67)
  • Jayant Narlikar (83)
  • Roger Penrose (90)
  • Carlo Rovelli (65)
  • Lee Smolin (66)
  • Paul Steinhardt (68)
  • Leonard Susskind (81)
  • Frank Wilczek (70)
  • Edward Witten (70)

There are many early to senior career physicists and astrophysicists that I would love to meet, once the new era commences in earnest. That includes the luminaries and of course the vloggers, bloggers, and outreachers who so generously give their time to explain state of the art physics to the enthusiast audience. Their outreach material has been tremendously informative and often led to specific insights and advancements in the point charge architecture. Well, this new point charge era should generate new and exciting science for a long, long time! With that will come lots of new outreach material for me to enjoy in the future!

With 20/20 hindsight in 2021, I can say that physicists were right on top of the solution for so long, but were wearing very specific blinders due to false prior interpretations. I happen to be a lucky and useful idiot savant who might have gone into physics research as a career, but chose big public corporate systems engineering instead. Since I never dove deep into advanced physics and the associated mathematics, I was not inculcated with the approaches of general relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum chromodynamics, and quantum field theory. Plus, I’m a skeptic by nature.

In January 2018 I embarked on a journey towards the simplest possible level of nature I could imagine in a classical context. It took about six months of exploring many blind alleys, often at the wrong scale, until I was able to narrow my idea down to two equal and opposite immutable point charges in a Euclidean space and time. Since mid 2018, it has been entirely obvious to me, with 100% certainty, that the universe is based on two equal and opposite immutable point charges.

As my thought experiments bounce off this parsimonious baseline and attempts to match existing understanding, my confidence has only gotten stronger over time. It is so beautiful to see how nature emerges with Dirac potential spheres, Noether cores, and personality charges and leads to the structures that behave in ways that physicists have discovered as the standard model.

It is incredibly fascinating to realize that Einstein’s spacetime is implemented by very low apparent energy Noether cores and a detritus of super low apparent energy point charge constructs and any structures or conglomerations they may form (i.e., in some phases a Bose-Einstein condensate). Despite my trumpeting the immutable point charge universe for 3.5 years, and the mapping of point charges to GR/QM/LCDM advancing rapidly, there is still so much work to do, and I could definitely benefit from collaborators, professional or hobbyist. You are invited to collaborate!

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California