Physics Guardians in Social Media

Moderators have banned me from several sub-reddits for the egregious offense of posting avante garde physics ideas. It is rather amazing considering I am quite cordial, explain the quest of my hobby, explain how false priors could lead to the situation, and show interesting patterns such as the Point Charge Implementation of the Standard Model chart. I have even couched these posts as interesting patterns that physicists might want to look into, because it it should be quite clear to physicists that these patterns are new and they match very well to unexplained aspects of nature where physicists have quite a bit of information but not an understanding of the implementation of nature.

I am permanently banned from r/physics, r/cosmology, and I think maybe more. Circa Halloween 2021, I received a reddit message that I had been permanently banned from r/particlephysics. That was rather unexpected at that moment, since I have been posting there respectfully this summer and fall and was receiving dozens of net upvotes, good comments, and following the subreddit rules as far as I can tell, with no pushback, nor warning from the moderators.

The ban was accompanied by a note that said I could inquire as to the reasons with the implication that a response would be forthcoming. So far the moderators have not responded to several queries as to their reasoning. As I mentioned already, my recent posts have been respectful, straightforward, and simply focused on patterns I am seeing in my alternative physics hobby investigation AND they have been well received, meaning upvotes >> downvotes. My posts should be considered benign at most and positive for anyone who is intellectually aware and honest. The patterns I am seeing are far more important than those noted previously by Gell-Man and others, such as the eight fold way, E8, and etc.

I was looking at my profile on reddit and it is absolutely amazing how the guardian(s) of physics have influenced the removal or more aptly, the scrubbing and censuring of content I have posted. My posts have simply been a hobbyists ideas along the path of my evolving understanding of a point charge universe.

Furthermore, I have always been on the basically correct trail : two immutable charged particle types. That is such an easy guess at a solution. All physics should start there and show why it can’t work. Go search google. I’ll wait. { time passes … } Didn’t find much if anything prior to 2022 except my own writings? Why is that? How can that possibly be? How does such a blind spot occur and persist for over a century given the adherence to the so-called scientific method?

I know I have at least one nemesis on reddit. Why would particular guardian(s) of physics track me across reddit and try to erase my ideation on that forum? Why and how would that guardian gain the sympathies and cooperation of moderators? What could be the possible motivations? Let’s brainstorm!

  • Might the person have a strategic purpose? After all, my thesis is that physicists missed the easy and plainly obvious solution over a century ago and since then have spun off into increasing complication and wrong interpretations! That doesn’t change the fact that the solution is actually easy and it was missed!
  • What if one or more governments, institutions, corporations, or evil masterminds now understand the basis of nature and are motivated to prevent others from learning as well? An inexpensive way on social media is to establish a culture of ostracizing any physics outsider with good ideas, and getting them banned and excised from reddit.
    • Except that is only reddit, which overall is a minor blip in the set of communication channels that discuss physics from social to professional. In the big picture, reddit is nothing.
    • Even if you could influence all of social media, what of the tens of thousands of active physicists and related sciences? There is a glut of physicists for the GR/QM/LCDM nonsense era. How do you deal with the glut? Pay them poorly to slow down further growth of the field? Yet also, we must confuse the vast majority of the field with nonsense! Weirdly, that makes sense since THEY ARE CONFUSED! The remaining fraction of physicists would be in the inner classified circle with knowledge of nature and using it for the purpose of their organizational entity.
    • Logic leads me to conclude that this conspiracy theory scenario is NOT TRUE. I simply can not believe in such a conspiracy theory at such a scale. Even if it were possible and existed, they would have simply approached me with a contract of some sort. At that level, it’s just business for them. I have never been approached with a formal contract or even formal contact from any entity with regards to my ideas about nature.
  • Data point : my footprint is all over the internet and I have had excellent and exponentially growing readership of the NPQG blog. It is possible that I may have some unknown promoter driving traffic to my blog. Even so, the concepts are so simple and obvious I would think others would chime in and join the open source project by now. Yet that hasn’t happened. There are no signs of an exponential understanding curve so far. I suppose entrepreneurs could be in stealth, but I doubt it because no one has contacted me.
  • In one particular case the nemesis appears to be associated with the area of lattice field theory. It turns out that my solution is far simpler and easier than lattice simulations of field theory. As such, my ideas represent a risk to this persons expertise, career, and perhaps aspirations. That would be an entirely parochial explanation.
    • The particular guardian I am referring to is a general asshole to anyone with physics ideas, and the vast majority of those people are creative and yet untethered to reality. That doesn’t make them bad people. They are simply excited about some vestige of a linkage or pattern that they happen to “see.”
    • I imagine that this person tries to get all those with new, novel, vague, or unactionable ideas cancelled on reddit.
    • Perhaps the best explanation is that I am simply caught up in the cancel culture spotlight of a physics-religulous vigilante. This may be the most likely scenario.
  • Perhaps this information is classified. Could that explain the bullying, aggressive, and quirky behavior of the guardians of physics? This scenario would be a surprise, because
    • I have wriiten and called all known relevant U.S. agencies periodically through proper channels and have never had a response.
    • Obviously, my work is of no interest to them, even though anyone could recognize this pattern of thought with two flavors of fundamental point charge.
    • My conclusion is that NPQG is not known nor classified in the U.S.

I advocate that physicists get creative with E.Q. when dealing with hobbyist ideators and enthusiasts. It’s really not difficult to turn this into a very positive filter of ideas. After all, there are millions of bright people who could have gone into these fields, who study the outreach material, textbooks, online courses, and papers in these fields. Surely those people have some good new ideas. How about a competition? Provide methods for the public to submit ideas and have them evaluated by other hobbyists as well as physicists.

The ideas I express today are consistent with my view since my very first physics blog post, that theoretical physical knowledge of nature should be entirely open source from fundamental immutable point charges and their physics through the periodic table. That said, there are still plenty of opportunities for intellectual property based technology in this space.

We need to seed industries in all portions of the globe to use the fundamental knowledge of nature for the positive purposes of reducing individual suffering and encouraging the flourishing of intelligent individuals. The vision offered in the point charge universe is one where fundamental knowledge of the implementation of nature enables new technologies that support a green, expansive, abundant future that can meet the broad purposeful goals of our evolution.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California