Dirac Strings Debunked

In this episode of PBS Space Time there is a discussion of the concept of Dirac strings. Let’s debunk this concept and show that Dirac strings can not exist in the NPQG universe.

The great Paul Dirac had a habit of discovering particles just by staring at the math. In 1928 he predicted the existence of antimatter this way. In 1931, Dirac made another prediction – of the existence of magnetic monopoles.

His argument goes something like this. If you start with a dipole magnetic field, you can approximate a monopole by moving the ends far enough apart and somehow vanishing the connecting field lines. And there’s a way to do that. If you build a solenoid – just a coil carrying an electric current – you get a dipole field whose connecting field lines are constrained within the coil. So make the width of the coil much smaller than the length, and it looks like two isolated magnetic charges.

This construction is called the “Dirac string”, and Dirac’s argument is that if the string part of the Dirac string is fundamentally undetectable, then magnetic monopoles can exist.

PBS Space Time

How are we going to debunk this? Well, the first argument is that we stipulate that we can already reproduce all the observables of nature with the two immutable point charge flavors defined in NPQG, the electrino and positrino.

Since the basic ingredients of the universe don’t define a magnetic monopole, yet we are presumed to reproduce all of the behaviour of nature, parsimony suggests that there are in fact no magnetic monopoles. That seems like a circular argument that returns to the basis of NPQG and IT IS, but it is also very logical.

A second argument, that also arises from the point charge basis, is to examine how magnetic fields are formed in the point charge universe. Any time a point charge moves it is generating a magnetic field. When an electrino : positrino dipole are orbiting each other the dipole generates an intense magnetic field with quite an unusual dynamical vector form in space and time. In a Noether core, these dipole magnetic fields are directly related to the strong force, and they influence the weak force and color charge.

However, in either of these two general cases of magnetic fields caused by point charges, there is no way to separate the magnetic field poles through a Dirac string. The entire idea of a Dirac string is a non-sequitur in NPQG.

Okay, so yes, the arguments are circular from a basis that doesn’t include magnetic monopoles. Yet if we can reproduce all of nature, including all magnetic field behaviour from immutable point charges, why do we need magnetic monopoles? Furthermore, why has so much brainpower been dedicated over the years to this erroneous topic? That brainpower would have been better spent looking backwards for faulty priors.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts