Is Chemistry the Best Description of Nature?

I’ve been thinking it. Now I am saying it. Chemistry should do a tough love compassionate take over of physics. Not only are the physicists holding scientific and philosophical progress back, but they are lost and don’t want help. It’s ok, they will be fine on the other side.

I posted on reddit r/chempros :

Hi. I would have gone into the field of chemistry if it didn’t require so much memorization. I’m more comfortable in a world where structure and organization is paramount, even when disorder is present. Like a ship on the high seas, so are standard matter particles. I’ve been trying to get through to physicists for a few years, but they are guarded by bullying brutes. Recently my thought experiments have reached the point where I think I can make the first periodic table of the standard model. Am I imagining things or did physicists entirely fubar their priors and hold up the rest of science for a century?

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts

p.s., hilarious comments ensued.

Commenter 1 : We need physics to make sure a big fucking rock hits the earth every few million years.

Me : I can’t stop laughing. Oh my. Perhaps we could assign that function to the school of natural sciences.

Commenter 2 : You say a lot while saying nothing at all

Me : A picture is worth a word salad.

p.p.s. Within 10 hours, the moderators of r/chempros removed my post for some unknown reason. The moderators did not respond to my query as to why this post was censored.