Dear Particle Data Group

I sent this note to the PDG groups email address. It is actually monitored and they have responded to me in the past, for example when I asked if they would be producing a service level API interface. Well, it occurred to me that it is about time they start preparing for the point charge era. I also sent them the link to New Physics in Pictures.

Hi PDG group,
It is time to start preparing for the next era in physics.
There are several areas of impact.

  1. It will be possible to calculate mass precisely from first principles.
    1. So this suggests some kind of comparison metric for each particle.
    2. List the calculated mass, the experimental mass, and the deviation?
  2. Not sure if the term mass will even carry over, except as  legacy.
    1. Well, you already report things in terms of energy anyway, so that is helpful.  
    2. Mass is simply apparent energy interacting with the spacetime aether.
  3. You will need to start including the following metrics for each particle.
    1. Frequency (range?) for each Noether core dipole when the particle is at rest.
    2. Shielded and total energy for each particle structure.
    3. The point charge constituency of each particle.
    4. The geometry of each structure in terms of point charges, Noether core orbital plane orientations, and weak charge orbital wave equations.
    5. Probably a lot more information that is more like chemistry about the reactions and so forth.
  4. As I also mentioned previously you will need to add the missing spacetime aether assemblies consumed or produced in the reactions as well as their energies.
  5. There is probably more.  

See these ideas New Physics in Pictures.

J Mark Morris : Boston : Massachusetts