Physicists : cd ~/career rm -rf *

The title of this post derives from Dr. Stacy McGaugh’s tweet and mimics the commands to access your storage for all files pertaining to your career and accumulated work and remove everything with no possibility of recovery.

I know I just told a lot of y’all that you might as well cd ~/career rm -r *.* but I’ve been trying politely to warn you about that for a quarter century. The response has ranged from “unsatisfactory” to “shoot the messenger.” Fixating and feedback has not and never will work.

Dr. Stacy McGaugh @dudedarkmatter tweet

It’s worse than you thought Stacy. If you are a particle physicist then cd ../../1870 (go back in history to 1870) and apply your current idea of the “vacuum” which must obey general relativity and you will already be at a quandry. Is spacetime a geometry or an implementation that in proper ranges is indistinguishable from a geometry? You must re-examine this question.

Okay, so the particle physicists messed up really bad for 150 years. A huge prior err took them off track where they still did good work which was incredibly difficult and slow because of incorrect priors. As soon as physicists give their beloved fields volumetrically immutable generators then we will know there is a real physical implementation. And, despite physicist Geoffrey Chew’s influence, it IS important to drill down to the most fundamental.

Particle physicists should do a recursive chmod 444 (make everything current into a historical archive baseline) to freeze/pivot research that will be impacted by this new knowledge of a fundamental pair of field generators, from which all other fields are derived. It’s easier to think about emergent structures first and fields second.

I will make it a mixture: let it be a tragicomedy. I don’t think it would be appropriate to make it consistently a comedy, when there are kings and gods in it. What do you think? Since a slave also has a part in the play, I’ll make it a tragicomedy…—Plautus, Amphitryon


Perhaps this is why I have been unable to communicate with physicists. To discuss fundamental immutable field generators is anathema to “modern” physics. The tragicomedy is that once one physicist gets it and translates between my language and theirs then it will go viral.


But onward to astrophysicists. You need to cd ../../1921 (go back a century in time) with the knowledge that fields have generators which are immutable. Now think! That means that any matter-energy that falls into a black hole may reveal more shielded energy and what does that do to your precious gravity? What else? Think!

Well, it means that black holes are only so deep (in a general relativity sense). There is a limit to field generator density, because they are immutable, so if you want to believe nothing escapes but hawking radiation then why is so much going on in the universe? I suggest more is escaping the black hole than you realize.

Now that all said, there are apparently some supermassive black holes of enormous mass and perhaps they have not developed the conditions (e.g., high spin?) to vent their ingested matter-energy. Do they vent and if so, what are all the process details? What is their role in the grand scheme of the universe? Their long term fate is not a tractable problem for my thought experments. This appears to me to be a subject requiring detailed mathematical modeling and simulation as astrophysicists sort out what is really going on in a universe emergent from immutable field generators.

Here is the wonderful end to this story. A chapter in physics history ended. A new chapter began and was a gold mine delivering faster than Moore’s Law and hence a driver of economic investment which included the vision to populate the universe with intelligent individuals. Ruh roh!

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p.s. here’s another comment I submitted to the Triton Station blog.

Commenter : Just a rhetorical question; Doesn’t quantization imply some contraction of the field? As in wave collapse. Isn’t gravity a contraction, for which there is more than can be explained as a property of mass?

Me : I think if there was some intuitive ideal model, yes a contraction or dilation of the wave function would be called for depending on whether it was a reaction that transmitted energy to the particle or received energy from the particle, respectively. This may be counter-intuitive to some physicists, although it really shouldn’t be. That’s how you approach the unification of GR and QM. Think about what unification means. It means there is one implementation of nature and we have two ‘main’ ways of describing it right now. If you sort of relax your mind a bit and don’t think about all your ‘known’ priors, you can almost get a feel of how nature must implement structure.

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