Dialog with a Dreamer

Today I had a dialog with a person who is a dreamer about how nature may work. I thought I would share it and demonstrate a healthy way to have an online conversation. I so wish that physicists would reform how they communicate with dreamers and ideators.

I started by posting the following proposition to the speculative-ideas channel on the PBS Space Time discord : “Physicists thought particles were real for a while, but they were actually structures. Then nature decided to drop the classical world of particles down some 20-25 orders of magnitude to immutable point charges that generate fields. These point charges combine into reusable components, one of which is a dipole with amazing properties, including being the perfect black body and being an accountant and broker for angular momentum in h-bar. It’s also a stretchy ruler and variable clock.” Then some nine hours later I posted “Does anyone here get it yet?”

Dreamer : Honestly i didn’t get it, maybe it’s just me that i don’t know well the topic or i didn’t understand it, sorry! But it seems something interesting, anyway.

Hi. I am in this odd position where I have discovered how nature and the universe really work, but no one in the field will listen, nor will the journals publish my work. It’s been this way for three years now, mid-2018 to mid-2021, and the theory/model keeps getting better and better. The reason I have found the solution is because physicists discarded their toy model of point charges and didn’t realize that the model could be fixed with a field effect that surrounds the point charge and makes space impenetrable at a radius near the Planck length. So these are really tiny and they operate as classical particles.

Physicists were searching for the answer 1870 – 1927 but incorrect interpretations piled up and now they are so deep into their mathematics and mystical interpretations that they won’t even engage with such a simple idea. I’ve written over 230 short notes as the research progressed and I explain everything as plainly as possible, but still no professional physicist has publicly stated that they get it and it is directionally right. Another problem is that the physicists can not believe some of their priors are wrong. Like the quantum. It’s real, but emergent, not fundamental, and really rather mundane. When opposite point charges orbit each other they can transact energy in h-bar units of angular momentum (the quantum). Orbiting point charges are amazing. They define the local speed of light. They are a stretchy ruler and variable clock which implement general relativity, because space is permeated by structures with these dipoles at relatively low energy. One more thing they can do is serve as a perfect black body, taking in any amount of energy (total is limited to Planck energy) and emitting energy according to Planck’s Law, said energy which transfers to a spacetime aether particle which takes the energy and reconfigures as a photon (or whatever reaction product). Anyway, I post here periodically and generally get ignored, and some people think I’m nuts.

Dreamer : Point particles are a thing as point charges, but for now i cannot say anything more. I would like to read more, i see you have a website, i’ll just read some of your notes tomorrow, now i’m a bit tired and i need to rest. By the way, don’t go mad if you think something is right and other people think you are nuts, it happens to me every time but with some kind of patient you go on. But if one day you discover you were wrong you have to admit it. Like anyone of us should. Said that, i go to sleep, tomorrow i read your notes and i let you know, honestly i’m not a physicist, i’m a passionate layman and it will be interesting to read what you think about how the universe work.I cannot say more also because i need to read more about point particles and understand them a bit more to say something! 😀 See you tomorrow

Thank you. At least I know what I type here is seen by you and that is uplifting.

Dreamer : Your site has a lot of post inside and honestly i don’t know too much about, for example, electrino and positrino, i have to study a bit about them. About spacetime seen as an aether of particles, it is probably what it is, but not dimensionless. I think it could be that dimensions are from the lowest to highest or viceversa, but in terms that we matter, are the first or the last, and then you have all the particles to the smallest that each of them represent a dimension, this is related to string theory and quantum field theory i suppose. I didn’t read every post on your site, just to be clear, it is a lot of thing. If you want to read my little and basic paper, maybe you can find something interesting inside it that you can relate to your research, maybe. I warn you, it is a simple and basic paper, but the concept is interesting. Here is my paper.

Hi. Your paper probably belongs in a dreamy allegory of the caves category of metaphysical musings that have no bearing on science or engineering. And that’s fine. Exploring new ways to look at things by brainstorming strange new ideas can lead to insight or breakthroughs. They key is to be able to differentiate things that might make sense in nature versus ideas that are nonsense. One of the major problems in physics and cosmology is that so many of the scientists ideas, pillars, and accepted priors are pure nonsense and the scientists are lost and clueless. I say this matter of fact with no apriori ill will to physicists. In fact I wish to help them get on the right track so we can move on at a much faster pace and I can sit in my easy chair and enjoy a new era of outreach material that really advances physics and cosmology. So, in that sense, you are in good company. Here are some of the things that physicists and cosmologists believe that are nonsense interpretations : Singularities, wormholes, many worlds, quantum as fundamental, fields as the basis of nature, virtual particles, spacetime as a geometry, big bang, 13.8 billion year old universe, inflation, expansion, Hubble drama, and on and on. Most of these ideas are based on good observations and good math, it’s just that the interpretation is inside out.

Here is an example with a toy. When physicists were trying to decipher atoms, then protons, neutrons, electrons, and then the next level the standard model they reached a point where they could no longer detect hard little particles. Instead all they could see were fields. And the reason is that nature is a trickster and dropped the hard little classical particles 20-25 orders of magnitude to the Planck length order of magnitude. Then it turns out that the dipoles of point charges make little inflatable circular and spherical orbits and sure you could even call the paths of the electrinos and positrinos a superposition of each of their wave functions (i.e., the fields that the point charges generate). TL DR : the toy sphere in the gif is overkill – all you need to right the ship of physics is to start with the electrino-positrino point charge dipole. Then imagine three of those coupled but each at a different energy level. The higher the energy in the dipole, the smaller the radius of orbit. So 6 point charges, 3 electrinos and 3 positrinos makes the most amazing Emmy Noether conservation gimbal for generation 1 fermions, photons, and other standard matter particles.

A demonstration of the conservation of angular momentum using a Hoberman  sphere. - GIF on Imgur

Dreamer :The most fundamental fact is that everything is here just because we are here and we are experiencing it like this, otherwise none could have been able to do nothing. Don’t take what i said too easy, it is really a fundamental claim to me. I know my ideas are some kind weird and yes, a bit rusty, but it is all i have for now, and it is my pure thought. I think honestly behind that lies some insight that can be deepened. About what you said, i see your point though i cannot say it is true or not, like about my research. I could say that at the scale of a point charge, maybe when they switch charge from positive to negative and viceversa, they pass through a wormhole that could be created from the collapse of the point particle/charge that instantly close after the switch from negative to positive or viceversa. Couldn’t be that all the energy/mass density create a sort of black hole/with hole system with a wormhole inside it?[10:36 AM]I don’t know what is the other universe that lies beyond ours but maybe it is the one we go while dreaming during sleep.

The beauty of immutable point charges is that they make things like wormholes and singularities totally obsolete ideas. And immutability means they exist forever, they can not be destroyed, they can not change charge.

Dreamer : Then point charges could fit better in a simulated universe i suppose

It does make one wonder about simulation doesn’t it.

Dreamer : Yeah, if everything is immutable and no other parallel universe can be possible, then point charges immutability describe a simulated universe. Also 100% deterministic with no free will. (and i’m not saying we have free will in our universe, just to clarify)And if they cannot charge, why they do that instead in physics?

It would not be deterministic and there would still be free will and here’s why. In an immutable point charge universe all standard matter-energy is permeated by super tiny super low energy aether particles and that aether carries gravity waves which are constantly changing and rippling. So there are no guaranteed outcomes to reactions. A gravity ripple, or a photon, or a neutrino could arrive just at the time of a reaction and change the outcome. In terms of free will, I haven’t thought it all the way through, but my guess is that our neurobiology may use some similar emerged technique to flip a coin for some decisions.[3:09 PM]I have no idea why physics theorists won’t even take a look at immutable point charges. Since there is no due diligence by the field on such a simple and basic concept that would solve a lot of problems I think they are too lost in their incorrect narratives to even give the idea the time of day. I am coming to realize more and more that physicists are simply incapable of recognizing that some prior ‘foundational’ interpretations could be wrong and that such a simple idea could have been missed.

Dreamer : I was just trying to understand your idea, in fact i don’t know the truth like anyone of us here on Earth. Let’s see what the future will brings! Maybe we’ll see that everyone of us, every theory, had inside a little piece to put together with the others and form a theory of everything.

I think you are right that there are basically no new ideas when it comes to solving nature. The task is to find the right combination of ideas, like solving a many-dimensional Rubik’s cube. In my case, my intuition that black holes couldn’t possibly lead to a singularity then led me to two basic charged particle types and then I saw that idea on the discard pile of physics and I picked it up and decided to fix the things physicists said were broken by giving the point charges a sphere of immutability at the Planck scale. It turns out that it explains everything if you do the thought experiments and it also means physicists took a lot of wrong turns in their interpretation of observations.

There are several ideas on the physics and cosmology discard pile that are going to come back into vogue. Steady state universe and classical mechanics are two examples. I will say that the physicists’ math that goes with the observables is pretty darn amazingly correct given how far off physicists are on their interpretations. That will be one thing for them to be proud of given they did it the hard way and are pretty darned close on the math. Now, with the knowledge of point charges we will be able to derive the math from first principles and that will probably require some changes and touch-up on physicists math, but that’s to be expected. There are always going to be corner cases in the incredible phase diagram of reactions that are possible in this universe. One of the most exciting future prospects is that with this new knowledge we will be able to simulate with incredible accuracy and design new reactions and processes and technologies that leverage the knowledge. If you thought Moore’s Law for CPUs was fast, you haven’t seen anything yet.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California