Matthew von Hippel : Lost and Clueless

I made a comment on Matthew von Hippel’s blog 4gravitons and his response was both highly offensive and demonstrative of the lost and clueless defensiveness of physicists. Here is the link to his blog post :

Mark: Hi. I’m not sure my ideas are welcome here, but I think if you zoom back to 1870 or so and pick up classical point charges from the physics discard pile and then give them immutability at a radius of Planck length divided by 2*pi with a field effect then you can start with a solution that physicists missed. If you start with a Euclidean space, and two types of these immutable point charges (I call them the electrino and positrino with charge magnitude |e/6|), and the energy carried by those point charges, then the universe will emerge, including all the mathematics of GR and QM. In fact the quantum is simply the energy increment required to take the most basic emergent structure, simple electrino-positrino dipole and increment the frequency by 1/2. That little dipole has amazing properties — think through the force of attraction, the centripetal force, the travel time of the electromagnetic field between each point charge, the B-fields generated and how they contribute to dipole dynamics, and we need to put in our immutability field effect which likely ties into permittivity and permeability. All told, an electrino-positrino dipole is a stretchy ruler and a variable clock. I can find no due diligence from the field of physics on this simple solution to nature, yet I can see how it ties to everything in physics and cosmology and solves all the open problems. I also have a blog at where I have written hundreds of short posts about this, with no woo.

Matthew : Since you’re not being confrontational, I’ll just let you off with a warning this time, but to be clear, comments like this are spam. The only link to the post topic is that both the post and you mention E&M, and you’re using that as an excuse to link readers to an otherwise totally unrelated physics proposal, basically using this post as free advertising for yourself. I appreciate that you feel like you have found something that deserves more attention, but commenting on tangentially related educational blogs isn’t an appropriate way to get that attention, and my general policy is to delete off-topic comments like this.

Mark : Well your response is both confrontational and incorrect and bullying. Shame on you! My intent was in direct response to your post and attempting to guide you back in time to understand the mistakes that threw physics so far off track. Attitudes like yours only serve to delay the next era and perpetuate the tragic mistakes. I’m saddened that you and your colleagues are so lost. The solution is so simple it’s obvious once you remap your narrative. Example: the quantum is emergent and not fundamental. The quantum is simply the angular momentum required to change an orbiting point charge dipole frequency. Oh well, I tried. Sigh.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California

p.s. I give Matthew another chance towards the end of this post : It’s Time to Cancel GR, QM, & ΛCDM.

By J Mark Morris

I am imagining and reverse engineering a model of nature and sharing my journey via social media. Join me! I would love to have collaborators in this open effort. To support this research please donate:

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