April 17, 2021

I found this video from Anton Petrov to be thought provoking. My comment follows the video.

What reaction or event is producing the gas? What is the net balance of energetic immutable point charges entering and exiting the galaxy, grouped by causing process, and ordered descending by point charge count (by type, although I would think 1:1 for most processes)? Is this gas the dominant inflow of electrinos and positrinos to the galaxy? (protons are 15:21, neutrons 18:18, electrons 9:3) What are the big outflows and where do photons (6:6) and neutrinos (3:3) rank on outflow? What about SMBH jets? What percentage of that energy and those point charges escape the galaxy and where does that process rank, periodic though it is. Lastly, so all that inflow is ultimately headed to the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, and astrophysicists are still unified that only Hawking radiation escapes, right? Methinks the time is ripe for a revolution in physics and cosmology.

I asked this question on the PBS Space Time discord and received a fascinating response. Does the standard model have any concept of electromagnetic field shielding at the particle level, especially fermions?

Mass is ‘apparent energy’ and it’s not fundamental. Of course there are other components in ‘apparent energy’, not just how much energy is in the encapsulated generations of the Noether energy core and what percentage is shielded (similar concept as neutrino oscillation, I think). There is the obvious energy in kinetic and electromagnetic form of the fermion personality as well as the outer dipole of the core. How all of this interacts moment to moment with the spacetime aether is the ‘mass’ of the particle. When you realize EACH dipole in the core has up to Planck frequency (Fp) settings on the energy dial, I am curious how nature is going to implement rest mass so precisely. The Planck formulas are all clues.

Here’s Steven Strogatz speaking about systems of oscillators that synchronize themselves. Check it out and come back for brainstorming on how this may be important for understanding Noether energy cores.

I suspect that the three nested dipoles in a Noether generation I energy core will auto synchronize. We can imagine that the electrino and positrino in each dipole are orbiting each other and are following their wave equation on the surface of the sphere defined by the dipole radius (it could be an oblate spheroid in some conditions). When the Noether energy core structure as a an entity is at rest with no external fields (other than nearby spacetime aether particles), the three dipoles would typically be orthogonal. Imagine each dipole orbiting in a plane in the set xy, yz, xz to visualize the concept. A generation II Noether energy core is missing the outer dipole. A generation III Noether energy core is missing both outer dipoles. Energy increases from the outer dipole to the inner dipole. When the overall particle energy is on the lower end of the scale, the dipole energies are orders of magnitude different from each other, and this corresponds to the masses of the fermions. Of course each fermion is decorated with its personality flavor made of electrinos and positrinos.

J Mark Morris

I have a gut feeling that auto-synchronization of dipole energy levels is the root cause of the numerology revealed in the Koide formula about the masses of fermion generations. While I am a skeptic of numerology, I’ve always had a hope that the Koide formula could be related to the fundamentals structure of particles.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California

By J Mark Morris

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