Quantum Field Theory

Check out this fascinating video on QFT. It will be tremendous when physicists realize that their fields each correspond to electromagnetic and mechanical behaviors of geometric structures made from immutable, energetic, Lp/tau radius point charges. Even spacetime itself is an aether of point charge structures. I assure you the only fundamental particles in this universe are field-generating plus and minus charge quantized in charge magnitude |e/6|. Weak charge, strong colors and each oddball field with its unique behaviours are entirely due to whirling/vibrating structures made from electrinos and positrinos. All QFT math is preserved, but it can probably be simplified, and of course vastly extended, once the actual structures are modeled. Imagine if chemistry defined a field through all of spacetime for each type of atom on the periodic table. Look at that iron field! Wow look at the oxygen field! No, that is not how chemists model atomic matter. It is high time for particle physicists to move on to the next layer and model standard matter particles as structures created out of point charges.

It’s rather fun to sit back and imagine all these point charges in structures – how much energy they each have, how they interact with each other, how portions spin relative to their velocity, how their electromagnetic fields change, how reactions progress, the aether always present to provide reactants and consume products of reactions at scales well below our observation ability. Pair production and annhilation are the tip of the iceberg of the abilities of the aether.


In other news, this Quanta article Galaxy-Size Bubbles Discovered Towering Over the Milky Way describes new discoveries of even larger bubbles towering over and under the Milky Way than the already enormous Fermi bubbles. This is entirely to be expected in NPQG due to the galaxy local inflationary mini-bangs from the SMBH poles as jets of Planck scale point charge plasma.

The meaning of eROSITA’s mushroom clouds is clear: Something went bang in the center of the Milky Way around 15 million to 20 million years ago

Quanta Article

The map traces X-ray bubbles that stand an estimated 45,000 light-years tall, engulfing the gamma-ray Fermi bubbles. Their X-rays shine from gas that measures 3 million to 4 million degrees Kelvin as it expands outward at 300 to 400 kilometers per second. And not only does the northern bubble align perfectly with the spur, its mirror image is obvious as well


[One possible explanation] is the supermassive black hole that sits at the galaxy’s heart. The 4-million-solar-mass leviathan is relatively quiet today. But if a large cloud of gas once strayed too close, the black hole could have switched on like a spotlight. While feasting on the hapless passerby, the black hole would have gobbled down half the cloud while energy from the other half sprayed out above and below the disk, inflating the X-ray bubbles and perhaps the Fermi bubbles too (although the two pairs could also represent separate episodes of activity).

Astronomers have long observed other galaxies that shoot out jets above and below their disks, and they’ve wondered what makes the central supermassive black holes in those galaxies churn so much more violently than ours does. The Fermi bubbles, and now the eROSITA bubbles, suggest that the main difference may simply be the passage of time.


It’s slightly amusing how it never occurs to astronomers and cosmologists to consider inflationary SMBH mini-bangs even when the evidence is directly front and center. Here is Anton Petrov’s take on these enormous galaxy sized bubbles.

The James Webb space telescope is due to launch in 2021 and it will be exciting to learn about its breakthrough discoveries. My hope is that the new observations will cause cosmologists to realize that the one time inflationary big bang and universe wide outward expansion are incorrect.

I wonder to what scale are physicists able to use their math and models to visually render a 3D video of the shape of fields around a quark or electron or any standard matter particle? I can’t imagine it is as accurate as they would achive with knowledge of the point charge geometry of the structures and the orbital wave equation (world line geometry) of each of the particles.

Social media skepticism of NPQG from the hip, without serious engagement:

like really, explaining all the complexity of the world with just couple of particles…

PBS Space Time discord user

My response : Yer funny. Two particle types. They form rotating dipoles, -/+, +/+, -/-, with the latter two requiring containment of some kind. Two directions of spin left, right. Each dipole has 2 x 1.855 x 10^43 energy storage levels in h-bar j-s. Normal and anti particles. Color charge for quarks. You really don’t need much diversity in configurations if you consider that three -/+ dipoles with vastly different energy form the energy core of ALL standard matter particles, and that if you drop the lowest energy dipole in a core you now have gen II fermions and if you then drop the next lowest energy dipole in a core you now have gen III fermions. Now we get to the personality set of dipoles. 6-/0+ electron, 4-/2+ down quark, 1-/5+ up quark, 0-/6+ positron, and etc. The quarks have color charge because it matters which dipole in the personality couples with which dipole in the energy core. The neutrinos can be considered to be a nearly run down energy core. Photon is 6-/6+ which you can think of as 3-/3+ coupled with 3-/3+. Noodle it out on a piece of paper. It’s plenty of diversity to create the standard model particles and all the other exotics. This picture isn’t done yet, but here is my working illustration. If you are a professional in physics you should drop everything and engage with NPQG.

Imagine the shape of the electromagnetic fields around one of these six dipole particles, each rotating left or right at 10^43 possible energy levels. Of course we only experiment at the very low end of that scale. Do QFT/QCD/QED specify fields of that level of emergent complexity? Do those subfields imagine wave equations implemented by 12 particles under the influence of one another? Ok, no more silly talk that two equal and opposite point charge types are not sufficient. I’d like to say ‘physicists do your thing’ but I don’t think they can extract themselves from the 133 year old tar pit of errors they created in their imagination with their narratives. Their math and observations are fine, they just missed this next lower level right below the standard model. Of course, once the physicists get on board they will make tremendous advancements because EVERYTHING will make sense!

I’ve seen several YouTube videos lately from Anton Petrov talking about the variety of galaxy shapes, characteristics, and behaviors and how scientists haven’t really figured out all the patterns and how and when they occur in a galaxy lifecycle. I have complete confidence that once scientists rebase onto the NPQG cosmology with galaxy-local inflationary mini-bangs they will be able to advance galaxy science rapidly. That will be really exciting. I so look forward to the discoveries of the scientists of the NPQG era.

I contributed this comment on one of Anton’s episodes : Anton, could the warp in the shape of the Milky Way have been caused by the inflationary mini-bang polar jets from the SMBH being on an angle from the polar axis but fairly stable, i.e., not precessing? I wonder how all the types of inflationary mini-bang jet orientations, spin, asymmetric jet quenching (would that be like a Planck energy plasma powered rocket engine on an SMBH and for how long?) and all the other possibilities in the galaxy local SMBH driven inflationary minibang taxonomy. I wonder if this will be a new subfield in the next era.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California

By J Mark Morris

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