Triton Station : Ivory Tower

Dr. Stacy McGaugh has been kind enough to engage slightly with me on social media, specifically Twitter and his blog Triton Station. There has been no direct engagement on NPQG, but Stacy has permitted my posts on his blog, despite arrogant skepticism and objections from several of his followers. My impression is that Dr. McGaugh is a good and rational human bean. I’d like to get to know him some day.

Today Stacy published a post, Does Newton’s Constant Vary? which discusses relevant issues with understanding gravity with respect to galaxy rotation curves. The post focuses on the analytical and statistical methodologies for interpreting the data on this subject. I wrote the following comment, which takes a much larger perspective and questions the ability to do serious galaxy-gravity science without a fundamental understanding of nature. Here are my comments :

Dear Dr. McGaugh, Stacy,

For the first 58 years of my life, I have had great admiration and respect for scientists in general, and especially physicists, cosmologists, and astronomers (or whatever taxonomy you want to use for the fields that study the basis of nature and the universe). Unfortunately, for the subsequent three years my experience has been dominated by deep frustration with the scientists in these fields for several reasons :

  1. They don’t respect their known unknowns.
  2. They have built incorrect narrative castles in the air that have persisted, with confidence, despite major tensions and the aforementioned unknowns.
  3. Many of the captive scientists in the ivory tower look outside at the clamoring ideators and click ignore, mute, delete, next despite the clear crisis in both physics and cosmology.
  4. Some of the guards of the ivory tower exhibit hateful and bullying behaviour towards ideators. I am concerned, less for me, but more for the new entrants in the field that do not thrive in a macho culture dominated by intellectual superiority, egos, politics, and power games.

I’ve railed against #3 and #4 before, but hopefully progress will improve once scientists get this enormous mess cleaned up and the fields onto a solid fundamental foundation. Let’s focus on issues #1 and #2.

Stacy’s blog post is about the acceleration of gravity in galaxies. Let’s list a few things that are unknown.

  • Einstein’s general relativity is our best theory of gravity, but it is not yet integrated with quantum mechanics.
  • We don’t understand how spacetime is physically implemented.
  • We do understand that Einstein’s singularity in the central SMBH is a problematic issue, yet the actual mechanism to replace the singularity in the theory does not appear to even have a placeholder for its influence on the models of galaxy dynamics. Imagine that! The most concentrated matter-energy in the universe is waved away because it is inside an event horizon of its own creation.
  • We don’t have a complete tension free theory for a one-time inflationary big bang.
  • We don’t have a complete tension free theory of expansion.
  • While the energy held in spacetime is factored into general relativity, we don’t understand the physical implementation of spacetime energy storage nor how gravitational forces are transmitted.
  • We don’t even understand how standard matter particles store energy and are able to transact energy in spin * h-bar units of angular momentum!

Yet, despite all this missing knowledge, scientists have been incredibly bold in constructing their castle in the air narratives. There is nothing wrong with imagining such narratives, but talk about error bounds and uncertainties Stacy! The errors in the narratives of GR, QM, and LCDM are such whoppers that it is truly amazing that the scientists have managed to put together a semi-functional but massively distorted castle in the air that could have been designed by a committee of Picasso, Escher, Dali, and Chagall.

The errors in the narratives of GR, QM, and LCDM are such whoppers that it is truly amazing that the scientists have managed to put together a semi-functional but massively distorted castle in the air that could have been designed by a committee of Picasso, Escher, Dali, and Chagall.

J Mark Morris : February 2021

It only takes a bit of reading about science to understand that nature is a trickster. There are so many possible interpretations of observations when developing a model from a blank sheet of paper or more likely, building upon the work of prior scientists that has become ‘accepted canon’ by a process that often has more to do with ego and power hierarchy than should be acceptable in a scientific field. We have an enormous pile of tremendous interpretations lying around like partially solved discarded Rubik’s cubes that couldn’t find the final twists to bring everything together coherently.

Several eminent and rational scientists have noted over the years that the fields are in crisis due to lack of progress. Yet it appears to be rare for any creative efforts to be mounted to seriously revisit the major branching decision points in the tree of physics and cosmology knowledge. Here is an easy one that most readers of this blog can do on their own.

Revisit the concept of point charges. Fix the singularity issue by making your point charges immutable. Give them a radius of the Planck length divided by 2*pi, but still have the point charge point of action be the center point of this virtual sphere of immutability. Continue applying the Planck scale as if it is physical (it is). At the very highest energy an isolated pair of equal and opposite point charges, each carrying the Planck energy will be adjacent and orbiting each other at c (as if each point charge sphere of immutability was rolling friction free over the surface of the other). Now you have the Tau dipole. Take away an h-bar/2 worth of angular momentum. What happens? Write down the static equations for electromagnetic fields generated by each particle and the resulting forces. Add the classic mechanics equations. You will find that the orbital radius has slightly increased from twice the radius, Lp/pi to Lp/pi + delta r. Keep taking away energy corresponding to multiples of h-bar/2 angular momentum. The radius of the dipole rotation gets larger and larger. The frequency starts at the Planck frequency and changes by 1 Hz for every spin * h-bar delta in energy. Now your dipole is a stretchy ruler and a variable clock. Your point charge dipole operates in quanta of energy. Uncertainty is the tipping point between levels. There is no magic. Keep going. The whole universe will reveal itself to you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. It is absolutely amazing what you will find if you follow this line of investigation. The discoveries are directly material to how gravitation is physically implemented and how the behaviours of SMBH impact galaxy dynamics.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California