Noam Why : Unified Charge Vectors

An interesting theory called ‘Unified Charge Vectors’ was created by independent researcher Noam Why. It is available in a 90 minute YouTube lecture and a paper on GitHub. Noam’s lecture description says this.

A new breakthrough in theoretical physics! UCV theory is a grand unification of electroweak and strong forces based on a new idea called Unified Charge Vectors. The theory was developed by Noam Why and was first published in January 2021.

Noam Why

I think Unified Charge Vectors (UCV) theory is very exciting because I can see how the point charge geometry of standard matter particles mates perfectly. That said, Noam’s papers don’t mention anything below standard model physics and in my correspondences with him he didn’t engage in my mentions of how point charges would map so well to his theory. But to give you an idea on how well they do match, check this out.

From Noam Why’s original UCV paper. January 2021
NPQG Decoding of Standard Model

Now to truly understand, you will need to understand both NPQG and UCV, but the key is that UCV signatures which define quark color appear to correspond with the handedness of dipoles in the two halfs of a fermion. The simple fact that UCV defines a fermion as a left and right charge vector whereas NPQG has an engine and a core is a good correspondence. The idea of coupling the different components of a fermion in NPQG appears to correspond to coupling in UCV.

At this point UCV has no released physical model and as a result has not abstracted to derive the UCV equations from the point charge layer and structure geometry. Unfortunately UCV theory is also misinformed in some areas by QM based physics, such as the portions that delve into annhilation.

As I watch the UCV video and read the paper it is very exciting to see so many linkages. With the ability to calculate masses, it would be fascinating if someone were to prove why the Koide equation for the relationship of the masses of fermion generations works so well in some cases. UCV theory is already calculating the masses of bosons and one presumes that UCV will lead to equations for fermion masses. If so, it will be possible to try and relate the equations to Koide and understand why it worked. NPQG has previously concluded that Koide is related to coupling of dipoles, so I have high hopes that UCV can prove it mathematically.

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