Black Hole Recycling

Is it the case that nature has two opposing processes that together recycle point charges and energy?

  1. The radiation (dispersal or spread) of high-energy matter, typically in the forms of standard matter assemblies, but also in energy transfer from high energy reactive assemblies to lower energy assemblies.
  2. The concentration of matter-energy, typically the gravitational convection of matter-energy with less apparent energy towards forms of matter-energy with more concentrated energy.

In NPQG, we know that concentation of matter-energy due to gravitation tends to lead towards supermassive black holes and Planck scale point charge cores, the ultimate concentation of matter-energy. A Planck core is the pinnacle in energy and point charge density and also a tipping point — a breach of the SMBH event horizon leads to the rapid escape and dispersal of energy and Planck scale point charge plasma which reacts and assembles into high energy gamma ray photons, neutrinos, and other forms of matter-energy, including assemblies of spacetime.

In nature’s steady state, emergence from Planck energy point charges replenishes an emergent sea of assemblies. Beside the standard matter particle assembly zoo, these include point charge assemblies that implement a curvy stretchy aether that we call Einstein’s spacetime right on top of a perfectly flat Euclidean void of time and 3D space. Nature is a trickster.

Technically the aether includes Higgs couplings of pro and anti Noether cores and may include ultimately redshifted neutrinos and photons, but until now there hasn’t been a theory for ultimately redshifted versions of standard matter particle assemblies. I’ve been unable to find research on ultimately redshifted photons and scientists infrequently discuss redshift of standard matter particles, even though DeBroglie’s research opens the door to this idea.

I am aware that there is a large body of research on information and it may soon get quite contentious in academia about exactly what is happening in an SMBH. I think this will be quite exciting. I’m currently imagining how point charges would behave in a black hole and I hope I can understand what it all means fairly high up the knowledge hierarchy. It seems to me at the base level that Planck point charge cores followed by jetting Planck energy point charge plasma would lose information. Yet, there is also possibility of some information leakage through the breaches in the event horizon. Can we really guarantee each point charge has been wiped clean at Planck energy for a cycle or two? Where else could the information go? There is no magic. The point charges being evacuated via jet are diminishing the point charges in the core and that means diminishing the state matrix. If information is conserved it seems logical that it must be expelled via the event horizon. Yet that contradicts other theories. I am a practical person. I don’t see any requirement at all for preservation of information. Everything going through the core is wiped clean. Zero residual information remains.

I think this circles around to the second law of thermodynamics and why it must now be stated as an equality. I do not see nature expressing any preference in point charge and energy density from deep space to supermassive black hole cores. It’s all good. It’s a continuum with local hot spots. Towards the center the destiny is to join the Planck point charge core with zero entropy and frozen time. It is a lot to think about, but it seems to me that the NPQG model is enormously powerful.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California