January 4, 2021

A Tau dipole is an electrino point charge and a positrino point charge orbiting each other. Let’s say two closely spaced Tau dipoles are counter-rotating at a phase difference of pi/2, and with the plane of orbit orthogonal to the direction of travel. Do they produce planar E and B fields that are equivalent to the E and B fields of a photon?


I’m thinking that the synchronized counter-rotation causes field cancellation that yields something similar to the photon fields. This would make total sense because it’s looking more and more like a photon is just a six electrino / six positrino structure which is very similar to a neutrino coupling (entangled?) with an antineutrino. Toss in enough energy that the outer ‘electron’ dipole can shield the inner muon and tau dipoles and likewise in the antineutrino. This is fascinating. I need to make pictures. How cool is this?

Wait, what?!

Is coupling a prerequisite for entanglement?

Heck yeah!

J Mark Morris : January 4, 2021

Guess what?! We just solved the entire entanglement mysticism! It is exactly as I surmised after listening to many videos and audiobooks and the vocal tension around this very point. Not too many people really believe the orthodoxy when it comes to entanglement and uncertainty. I don’t know if these scientists are aware of it, but their own B.S. detectors are blaring and yet, given that they are professionals, they downplay it. Gotcha! The scientists are ignoring or sublimating their own instincts. I seem to have some uncanny ability to detect this and I have no idea why.

Long story short : Coupled systems have an equal and opposite imprint when separated, but only on conserved quantities, as you would expect. Who cares when you look at one product of the reaction? We already know it is equal and opposite to the other product. Doh. I mean seriously, physicists?

PBS Space Time discord blurbs…

I was just thinking how when NPQG goes viral that all the outreach stars on YouTube and the journalists that connect the public to science are going to have a decade of stuff to talk about and write to explain WTAF just happened.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 They’re gonna generate a ton of ad cash for sure! Good for them. I owe a lot to their teaching. Especially the hems and haws that trip my B.S. detector. That’s B.S. all-cap!

User A : I like how you say “when” instead of “if”… Some confidence you have there. Only a small chunk of stuff goes viral, even among good stuff… Unfortunately.

It’s all over. No one has noticed yet. Dude. I’m an engineer. FFS.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : January 4, 2021

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