Let’s start with this video from Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder.

Sabine’s ideas about time are not even wrong as physicists say. This video is chock full of misunderstandings about the nature of time. Keep reading this blog if you want to understand how nature and the universe really work. It’s incredibly simple and physicists have made a enormous mess for the past 133 years. For QM not to be based on time is a travesty. The most abundant structure in this universe is the dipole of two point charges and that is an amazing self orbiting gizmo. It receives, stores, and transfers energy. It’s radius shrinks with energy making it a stretchy ruler. Its frequency changes with energy making it a variable clock. It implements general relativity and is an essential constituent of the spacetime aether.

The point charge dipole is also the root cause for Einstein’s misconception of the constancy of the speed of light. If you were in a Euclidean frame you would see the speed of photons slow as the energy and the gradient of energy in spacetime aether get high and steep near dense matter-energy. Many standard matter particles are based on groups of these tau dipoles that serve as engines or cores that power fermions, photons, protons, and neutrons. These cores also act like a gyroscopic gimbal which is conserving momentum.

In this universe there is absolute time which is an abstract linear concept that moves forward only and across the whole universe in lockstep. There is no way to measure absolute time, but we do our best by using observers in low energy spacetime which is a reasonable approximation to absolute time. There is also time as experienced by each individual point charge whether it is in a Noether core, weak personality layer, or boson configuration. Each dipole has a relativistic sense of time based on how much energy it stores, how small it’s radius, and how strong the electromagnetic vector potential has gotten which changes the permittivity and permeability at the point of action on point particles all of which ultimately determine the orbital frequency. Multiply by QM spin and you have a measure of time that is accurate to the equivalent of one Planck’s constant h j-s converted into rotational angular momentum.

Nature is a trickster. Who would have thunk that nature would take a nice flat 4D Euclidean space and time, which by definition is entirely flat, and fill it with point particles from which would emerge an aether of spacetime which we generally encounter in very low energy conditions. Aether is so very very lightly interacting. It might contain old tired neutrinos. It might contain old tired photons. It might be some other low apparent energy construct that emerges while shielding the Higgs mass energy held in the Noether cores. That aether is surrounding and permeating everything. Aether particles are the ready vessels onto which reactions offload energy or swap point charges. Those low apparent energy spacetime aether particles get a drop of energy and reconfigure into a 6 electrino / 6 positrino photon and zing – off they go at the local speed of light. This massive set of errors from the community of physicists started with Michelson Morley and the thought the aether cannot exist. Nothing could be more wrong.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California