Dr. Brian Keating : Dr. Max Tegmark and Dr. Eric Weinstein

I invested a couple of hours watching Dr. Keating’s discussion with Dr. Tegmark and Dr. Weinstein. I have mixed feelings about this episode because it is dominated by GR/QM/LCDM era frustrations from Eric, rationalization from Max, each egged on by Brian on the border between naivete and schadenfreude. I am looking forward to the NPQG era where the excitement will be electric, the personalities magnetic, and the progress kinetic. Here’s the video and afterwards are my comments.

16:30 Is anybody on the verge of discovering nature? I’m well past that. Here is another huge slam dunk EUREKA to get 2021 off to a galaxy local bang : the point charge composition and geometry for standard matter particles : NPQG : December 31, 2020 : EUREKA! 

17:00 Is math reality? No and yes. The basis is a 4D Euclidean space and time foundation, which has properties that can be described exactly by math. The ingredients are energetic point charges with a radius of immutability near the Planck length. There are only two free parameters. I — Density of point charges. II — Density of energy carried by those point charges. The 4D Euclidean space and time permeated by energetic point charges all behave according to natural physical laws which can be precisely described by math. So the math and the physical implementation are really very much a partnership.

24:00 Eric extolling the virtues of incredibly complex theories that have been formed under a 133 year period of utter confusion about how nature and the universe work. Nature is a trickster so once it fools you, it’s darn near impossible to get back on the right track. We must still have accountability though. Historians must analyze and assess 150 years of physicists failure to get their noggins straight and realize they are going about their intellectual endeavors entirely the wrong way.

Physicists are climbing a sheer rock face with no ropes or safety nets and spend Sisyphean careers scratching, clawing, and crabbing their way, mostly sideways these days. Little did they know that there is a sunny garden path, lined with lovely blooming flowers, on the flip side of the mountain and it leads directly to the grail they lust. Nature is a trickster. Who, but nature, would build a universe on flat 4D Euclidean space and time with energetic immutable point charges and then have the most basic emergent structure, the amazing electrino:positrino dipole, form an aether based on these structures — an aether that implements Einstein’s Riemannian curvy-stretchy spacetime. I mean, WTF nature?

32:00 Eric marvelling at the difficult but fulfilling science to understand the source code of nature and the universe. Check. Done. You know what’s way better? Leveraging that knowledge to improve well-being and reduce suffering for all individuals. Enabling the wealth of abundance that nature provides at a pace exceeding Moore’s Law for many orders of magnitude. Developing newly economical technologies to manage and care for our environment. And of course, the dream, to go where no individual has gone before, to enable a new frontier for intelligent life as we explore the cosmos.


34:00 Max is rationalizing low financial compensation for scientists with the reward being the honorable pursuit of research. Well those days are over. The gold rush has started, you just don’t realize it yet. There will be enormous investment in NPQG era science and technology because it is the source code to nature AND it is incredibly easy to leverage in all fields. All it takes is investment, bright and eager engineers and scientists, time, and great organizations to make good times roll. With NPQG, scientists and engineers will be able to make progress at a rate much faster then before, and with higher project success rates. The intelligent money will immediately go towards huge investments to get as many balls rolling as possible as quickly as possible. NPQG is not a wait and see theory. It is a drop everything and get onboard the train to your definition of success and meaning type theory.

43:00 Eric gets real and goes into a long rant about the predatory power hierarchy in academia choosing the wheat and the chaff and PhD candidates at their mercy. So many poor behaviors stem from this often toxic power differential dynamic. Well, those days are over in the NPQG era. Those entrenched in the GR/QM/LCDM power hierarchy are too deeply invested in their life’s work to start over in NPQG. They are best reallocated to the clean up of the mess that is present day physics, cosmology, and sadly astronomy. A new power structure will emerge around those who quickly learn and leverage NPQG and who also have EQ and diplomatic skills and can deal with the tasks that are assigned to those in power. For my money, I would do away with the hierarchy of individuals, which is incredibly vulnerable to single points of failure, and instead have orbits of group power rather than individual lines of reporting. C-suite at the organizational helm and then clusters of senior managers assigned to related agile teams. Ray Dalio’s radical transparency would also be high on my list for any organization. Record everything. Open access to all.

59:00 : Physicists are so precious with their wave function collapse narratives. They are, as they say, not even wrong. In structures that emerge from point charges, such as any standard matter particle, and in stable conditions for that particle, scientists are correct that the particle structure can absorb h joule-secs of energy per QM spin revolutions. Emergent structure is based upon dipole building blocks that make 3 generation gyroscopic dynamo cores for fermions (and probably all other particles in their regions of stability).

Physicists are all up in arms for a century now on wave function collapse. Let me fix that for you. When you add or subtract increments of energy to a structure, the wave function control system efficiently and losslessly guides the point charge orbits to different local radii in their portion of the structure. These orbital charges, especially when coupled in dipoles or higher order structure are incredible control systems. Wave function collapse my fanny. It’s the jukebox moving the point charge centers of electromagnetic action to a different (and often related) wave function at different radii, velocity, energy, etc.

Ok, can we get on with it now? No more worrying about wave function collapse. Nor uncertainty really. I mean you get your uncertainty, but QM is just sitting on top of the tipping point poles of these point charge structure control systems. Please join me in the NPQG era. It is a lot more fun and productive and I am gathering low hanging fruit as fast as I can. There is plenty to go around but the gold rush is starting, so get in now. Here is the point charge encoding of the standard model in case you need some more tangible evidence : NPQG : December 31, 2020 : EUREKA!

1:17:00 I suppose it may be counterintuitive, but even a plus and minus point charge orbiting each other at a very small radius must deal with the speed of electromagnetic field transmission, so relativity absolutely applies. The proton diameter is approximately 10-15 meters but that’s an enormous gulf to a point charge. That proton diameter is 1020 times a point charge diameter. Without relativity you won’t understand how the basic dipole works as an energy storage accumulator. These point charges are immutable at a radius near the Planck length, so there are no singularities to worry about. The more energy you apply they will happily count it off, store it, and shrink their radius until the two point charges are adjacent at a radius of about 10-35. At that point they are each carrying the Planck energy and they are located in an SMBH or maybe other black holes that meet the necessary conditions to form that type of solid spacetime phase with one microstate and no entropy and no singularity.

Once you understand relativity and the dipole, it’s easy to leap to the solution to the question of why are there three generations of fermion matter. Three orthogonal dipoles orbiting a common center form a gyroscope of sorts. The angles of orientation don’t matter as long as the wave equation can evolve to conserve all the conserved properties. If not, that’s the beginning of a reaction because violation of conservation is a no go. For thought experiments it’s a lot easier to just imagine three planar circular orbits each orthogonal to the others. Generation I fermions have 3 dimensions of containment and if we add that to the generation number that totals to 4. Generation II fermions have much higher energy, only stable in certain high energy environments that provide one dimension of containment so they can survive with 2 dipoles of containment. 2+2=4. Generation II fermions are stable and in fact required inside a Generation I fermion. See the pattern? Generation III fermions are stable in a super energy range and environment where only one dimension of confinement is required. One such environment is INSIDE the two outer dipoles of a Generation I fermion. Generation III fermions are stable and in fact required inside a Generation II fermion.

N.B. The careful reader will have asked how can it be that the electron contains the muon energy, and the muon contains the tau energy? Clearly the point charge universe must implement energy cloaking and shielding technology. In fact, it has multiple implementations!

Imagine a proton or a neutron, each with three quarks. A proton or a neutron therefore has the three energy cores from the quarks, each with three dipoles (a tri-dipole triplet?). That is triple protection against decay from a reaction. It is going to take a lot of energy to destablize a particle with 9 rotating dipoles acting as a gyroscope. Orbiting outside the cores you have the personality of the quarks (4/2 or 1/5 or vice versa for antiquarks) which probably reconfigure into more protection for the three energy cores. That’s another good point, the outer layers are not only containing the energy cores, they are protecting them. Continuing our build of the proton that whole multiply branched nest of spherical orbits (worldlines) at last expresses it’s six positrinos on the outer surface. Six positrinos are the charge of the positron. The positron is the antielectron — there is nothing missing in NPQG. The geometry is similar for the neutron except it’s outer shell is neutral.

After writing my last comment I had a small eureka moment. I wonder if particles moving close to or at the speed of light have flattened out their dipoles, i.e., aligned their angular momentum vectors, because they no longer need three dimensions of containment, and can forego two of them. Everything these particles are conserving is moving in one dimension. The only exception being the energy stored in the rotating dipoles. If this is true, then a photon geometry would take on a planar orbit for its six electrinos and six positrinos and the direction of motion would be perpendicular to that plane. Surely some right hand rule would apply. If this is the case, there are probably multiple counter-rotating orbits. One is the electron neutrino core (3/3 : +-+-+-) and the other the electron antineutrino core (3/3 : -+-+-+) making the photon 6/6. The orbital patterns are responsible for our perception of frequency, wavelength, phase, and etc. It’s probably straightforward to figure out.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California