Deciphering Nature

It has occurred to me that I am inventing / designing / reverse engineering a machine to execute the general relativity and quantum mechanics stacks. I am trying to intuit that machine and let nature reveal the machine incrementally as I go ’round and ’round the GR/QM/LCDM state of the art knowledge in physics, cosmology, and astronomy and test my imagined machine in thought experiments for fit with that knowledge. One of many challenges is sifting out the signal from the noise in GR/QM/LCDM era theories and narratives. Fortunately, at the point charge level it is fairly easy to imagine basic behaviour. It gets quite complicated quickly once you get into atoms and molecules. NPQG will lead to better and faster methods for researching these and ‘more emerged’ complex structure.

Continuing the quest to decipher the architecture of structure from NPQG point charges, the electrino and positrino, there are more degrees of freedom for ideation than considered so far with nested dipoles and payload. This is a thought experiment after all. Buckle up.

  • The general architecture design space to explore is:
    • A composite particle assembly is an energetic point charge hierarchy.A dipole has equal energy per point charge.An assembly may be a nested formulation.Could the payload be moons orbiting outside?
      • To visualize you must zoom in with your mind’s eye.Keep in mind the radius of the outer shell is perhaps orders of magnitude larger than the next dipole, etc.Imagine six electrinos that give the electron its -e charge orbiting at a greater radius than the dipole.
    • This assembly architecture has dualities with
      • electrons in atoms
      • planets with moons
      • solar systems
      • galaxies
  • Priors, Clues, Skepticism, and Noodling
    • Examine the patterns of atomic nuclei
    • Examine the patterns of the standard model structure of the neutron and proton for clues.
    • Examine the patterns of electron orbital shells for clues.
    • Look at wave equations for various particles.
      • They are a possibly attenuated superposition.
    • Illustrate structure ideas on log polar graph paper with concentric circles plotted at energy level, radius, point charge velocity, or even Lorentz alpha dilation/contraction factors.
  • Spin-Orbit Locking
    • Under what conditions do the point charges in different dipoles synchronize their orbits aka wave functions?
  • Random Thoughts
    • How does an assembly re-stabilize after work is done on its point charges and vice-versa?
    • Is inflation the inverse of Lorentz alpha in a sense? The Planck plasma produces dipoles based assemblies that inflate by coming down the Lorentz curve.

Well this has been a fun and creative brainstorm session. Fortunately, nature has been cooperatively parsimonious all along the entire NPQG journey. I’ll start with the simplest ideas in the architecture and continue looking for clues. I think that going through more reaction equations may be helpful because I can imagine the set of candidate structures interacting with one another as a multi-step reaction occurs.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California