December 25, 2020

I am brainstorming ideas during NPQG Breakthrough Days. Enjoy.

Life, consciousness, soul, and all other aspects of the human condition are emergent.

Shielded energy is related to LCDM’S dark energy. I think that the source of dark energy is the eruption of shielded energy carrying point charges from a Planck core as a Planck plasma jet from the galaxy center SMBH. An immensely huge reservoir of shielded energy is in Planck cores and it is unknown to LCDM. However, not all of the energy in a Planck plasma eruption ends up in spacetime aether constructs. Some of the plasma energy ends up in standard matter particles. Scientists will need to study all the reactions that result from the plasma and determine which create new spacetime particles immediately and which do so over long periods. For example with photons very gradually losing energy as they pass through spacetime the recipient of that energy is tau particles in the spacetime aether, and furthermore when the photons get to very low energy they somehow are incorporated into spacetime aether whole or they form other low energy constructs.

In NPQG the basis of all forces is electromagnetism. The four forces of nature apply to different use cases of electromagnetism. Examine the unification diagram. Substitue “SMBH Planck core eruption” where the chart says “Big Bang”. Let’s discuss each numbered point.

One. The initial condition from the perspective of unification diagram is a Planck core of an SMBH which meets the requirements to form a Planck core. Such a core has the most intense and dense forces imaginable since immutable point charges with an Lp radius are adjacent. Spheres pack together in patterns called FCC or HCP with a known packing density. Each point charge will have twelve immediate neighbors and on average half will be electrinos and half will be positrinos. This core is being held together by the intense attraction forces of opposite point charges and it also wants to explode outward because of the intense repulsion forces of like point charges. Each point charge is carrying the Planck energy in this configuration.

The characteristics of Planck cores will be an intense subject for theoretical scientific research. It is unknown whether regular patterns form as in a crystal. Perhaps there are regions where electrinos and positrinos alternate layers or make other patterns. Planck cores have no kinetic energy relative to the core itself. Their temperature is zero Kelvin because there is no kinetic motion. All of the energy has been transduced into electromagnetic form. From the perspective of a point charge in a Planck core the speed of the electric field does not play a role. Einstein’s general relativity fails in a Planck core because the equations describe a situation where distance between point charges goes to zero and infinities occur. Not so. Fortunately point charges have a Planck length radius sphere of immutabilility implemented by a maximum field strength.

Does a Planck core spin? We know black holes can spin and quite quickly too. Shall we imagine that the Planck core is not spinning and that from its perspective it is layers outside the core that spin. We know that the accretion disc material is spinning rapidly, As that matter-energy nears the core every construct more complex than a tau dipole decays. The speed of electromagnetic fields is slowing as viewed from the Euclidean frame, point charges are getting closer and closer. All that spin from infalling matter-energy continues to torque the increasingly dense tau dipole spacetime slurry. Very near the core there is incredibly intense frame dragging as the the slurry continues to kinetically freeze. In the end, it doesn’t seem like it would be possible to perform work W on a point charge on the surface of the Planck core. It is already maxed out on energy after all.

This same frame dragging effect may lead to the core breach. The figure shows how I imagine the timeline of a core breach. Scientists will need to determine the actual process, including the precise conditions for the dual jet breach, how often they occur, how long the plasma is jetted, and the conditions for jet cutoff.

Planck cores have many fascinating characteristics including information loss, zero entropy, impact to the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and shielding of energy. Point charges internal to the core cannot gravitationally radiate since all neighbor point charges are maxed out as well as the fact that any electromagnetic fields they emit will be blocked by surrounding point charges. I suspect that shielding continues in the spacetime slurry around the core. This brings us to point two, the force of gravity.

Two. Let’s reorient the perspective first. Every SMBH exists in a universe where spacetime and gravity already exist. When we are talking about the force of gravity becoming a distinct force, there are several aspects to consider. First, the Planck plasma produces a tremendous amount of spacetime aether through a variety of processes. An uncontained tau dipole is a tau neutrino, and it is essentially a particle of spacetime. We typically think of spacetime at relatively low energy in free space or on Earth. Yet, from Einstein’s work combined with NPQG we deduce that spacetime aether must perform its energy related duties all the way to Planck energy. As discussed above there are some departures from Einstein’s theory as spacetime approaches ultimate energy.

We might also consider the photon (6/6) to be a particle of spacetime aether, but like the neutrino (3/3) we are far more familiar with photon in higher energy forms. We are not accustomed to talking about super low energy photons or neutrinos. What happens to them at that energy? Do they decay and form a stable shell structure at 9/9 or 12/12 for instance?

A third way to generate more spacetime is through particle reactions. Many of the known reactions do not include spacetime particles in their equations. Science has not known about point charges and that they are conserved, and hence we can do a full accounting on every reaction.

The bottom line is that there are many processes that generate new spacetime aether and also processes that consume spacetime aether. We don’t have a process timeline showing when and how much spacetime aether is produced local to the Planck plasma jets. We do know that photons and neutrinos will gradually lose energy over tens if not hundreds of billions of years. We also know of standard matter decay processes that span from incredibly short to incredibly long. The proton half life is at least 1.67×1034 years and the neutron half life is about 10.2 minutes. The point is that many natural processes cause energy density to decline volumetrically and that includes both distance between particles and the particles themselves become less energy dense as the tau dipole shell radius increases.

I imagine gravity being implemented electromagnetically, and the main form is electromagnetic AC energy transfers between nearby shells. Particles have energized tau dipole shells and may or may not have a contained payload or nucleus. The shell(s) contains their payload and any non-shielded energy is the apparent energy of the particle, which we call ‘mass’. Every particle’s apparent energy is continuously radiated and returned. It is like a net zero energy transaction. A point charge approaches at high velocity, it performs work W with the electromagnetic force on other point charges reached by its fields and they absorb that energy in their shell until the point of nearest approach in space and time and then they start returning that energy to the passing point charge. There is typically no net transfer of energy. These shifts in energy between shells are very very tiny and they are usually far less than Planck’s constant h J⋅s magnitude. That is why gravity is such a weak force. Also remember that electromagnetic field strength falls with distance squared. It seems to me that the power of this interaction is a root mean square of alternating current. I haven’t gotten to the point of working on the math for this interaction but my approach is to consider the moving point charges an alternating current and to see how an interaction of two tau dipoles would lead to the formulas of alternating current theory and then how does that lead to the formulas for gravity. Essentially, Coulomb’s law is being transformed into the law of gravitational attraction through a transformation determined by the tau dipole.

I just had the thought that a solo point charge might be considered a null shell. Interesting. For example if solo point charges are flying around they have mass and participate in gravity as well. This may be a helpful term. We’ll see.

Three. The strong force appears when composite particles with payload begin to form in and around the SMBH jets. The strong force is the electromagnetic force of containment implemented by tau dipole shells. Forces must be equal and opposite, so the inertial mass is the apparent energy from a particle at rest. Yet due to shielding, we can’t tell from the apparent mass what the internal shell energies are and hence the forces they are applying to the payload to keep it contained. We do know that the payload is applying equal and opposite force.

Four. I am currently in the process of noodling the weak force. It appears to be a shell to shell interaction that opens shells like a can opener, and causes change to the payload. We know that a reaction is taking place so more than likely one or more shells are forced to decay or launched away from the reaction. One thought is that W and Z bosons have a ‘anti-shell’ which is some aspect of shells that causes matter and anti-matter to react. That reaction explains why anti-matter is either short lived or can only be stable in a payload of a shelled particle. Another idea is that since shells can take units of Planck’s constant h J⋅s energy and increase a half frequency. Is it possible that matter has an outer shell with integer frequencies and that anti-matter has an outer shell at integer + 0.5 frequencies? Those two shells can presumably not coexist with each other. Another vague possibility relates to the wave equation and if some shells run a topologically reversed path. I am sure a scientist could deduce this in short order.

I have shown my current deciphering of the four forces in the diagram. While everything is electromagnetic, the force identified as ‘the electromagnetic force’ describes interactions of charged particles and QM era physics does not know about the electrino and positrino. I can see that I need to update the chart to show an intermediate vector boson (Ws, Z) that is using the weak force to react and perform surgery on the shell. All this said, there is a lot of work to be done here by scientists to inform the understanding of all four forces with the knowledge of NPQG.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : December 25, 2020

By J Mark Morris

I am imagining and reverse engineering a model of nature and sharing my journey via social media. Join me! I would love to have collaborators in this open effort. To support this research please donate:

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