Dr. Brian Keating : Dr. Frank Wilczek

I am listening to Frank Wilczek talk about axions and I wonder if those are the same as the point charge dipole. I think the point charge dipole, which is an emergent composite particle, would be very common throughout the universe. I expect that spacetime includes these dipoles or relatively low energy structures they may form. I made some comments on this interview.

Frank is one of my favourite physicists. Why? Because I learn so much by the words he chooses and the hems and haws. Seriously, that is where the information content is densest. In any case it is sounding more and more like axion = point charge dipole. A point charge dipole makes a very interesting assembly. It looks a lot like a system with feedback. And poles. Maybe it can store increments of Planck’s constant h J⋅s energy. One Lp immutability to prevent a singularity and we are off to the races and solving the universe.

I think my immutable point charge theory might integrate well with Frank’s axion theory. I don’t know if we could bridge our language, but I’ve explored the higher order implications a lot more – which includes how point charges and emergent structures transform LCDM.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California