Dr. Brian Keating : Dr. Paul Sutter

I made a few comments on this YouTube discussion which are pasted below.

@19:45 Discussion about outreach and the public and science that devolves into the pressures and incentives on the scientists, not to mention having a life and family and limited time in the day/week/etc. It’s funny how the solutions to the problem are not obvious. And the solution is completely under the control of BK or PS even though they don’t realize it. All it takes is to discover how the universe really works.

That will set of investment at a pace never seen before. That investment represents opportunities for business interests to fund research. No more grants and pumping the academic papers. You’ll still want to write them, but it will be fun because everyone will be breaking new ground theoretically and on the technology and application use cases.

I’ll give you two ways to discover the solution to the universe.

Option 1 : Start where I did : a 3D Euclidean void space (not spacetime) and a density 1 of Planck radius spheres carrying energy at density 2. These spheres have a Planck radius, and come in two flavors of charge, minus and plus (I’m using 1/6th e for magnitude and it seems to work well). These spheres are immutable. Now just imagine a soup of these and what structures will emerge. The most amazing structure is spacetime, which has low energy almost everywhere except near dense matter-energy. This structured spacetime does all the things that GR/QM era physics models – it implements GR. It behaves like a quantum vacuum that can cough up particle pairs, etc. Now just go to your happy spot for ideation and think on it.Think about what is truly fundamental in this model. (not mass as conceived today). These are the only ingredients you get. You also get classical mechnics and electromagnetics. That’s it.

Option 2 is to go read my blog at

Either way is fun. For a scientist, I’d recommend ideating from the basic ingredients, because you will believe yourself once you catch on and the ideas start flowing. If you get stuck for ideas, check out some of my articles. The first area to investigate is the stable orbits of an oppositely charged pair of these Planck spheres as a function of energy. What happens to the radius of that spinning dipole? Does that ring any bells?

BK, as to your question about whether Nobel prizes represent established science. The answer is no. The problem is that many were based upon false assumptions that were handed down from previous decision point errors.

Here is an article on the prizes that have issues :

Here is an article on the missed opportunities to discover nature and hence the incorrect decisions or interpretations.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : December 11, 2020 : v1

By J Mark Morris

I am imagining and reverse engineering a model of nature and sharing my journey via social media. Join me! I would love to have collaborators in this open effort. To support this research please donate:

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