Dr. Brian Keating : Geraint Lewis & Luke Barnes

This was not a great episode. Major audio problems for Brian. Geraint and Luke didn’t say much with any depth. I have a few comments which are below the video.

Dear Brian, I’m about 45 minutes in to the episode and so far I haven’t heard anything too offensive directed at the independent ideators. Maybe a bit too much sneering at your betters, the engineers :-). Of course the engineers have these ideas because they can tell that there are major problems with GR/QM/LCDM. It’s nice that you are starting to define a spectrum for the ideators and their ideas – I will stipulate that over 99% of the ideas you get from independent ideators are nonsense. I will always maintain that it is poor judgement for the field to take aim at the ideators as crackpots rather than politely declining to engage, no matter how many emails you get.

There is a major problem brewing for the fields of physics and cosmology, and that is the fields will be a laughing stock once the solution to nature is known and the fact that it is so obvious is going to cause the public to think scientists are not very bright. I am sorry to be so blunt, but there are systemic problems in your fields which are preventing creativity and this has caused science to miss the clues that should cause them to revisit the chain of wrong decisions (which I can expound upon). I will solve over half of the major problems in physics and cosmology with my model. It’s really not that hard. All it takes is an open mind. Once you understand, it will become obvious and you will wonder how scientists never figured this out in the last 150 years. They were so close so many times. I think it is possible that the Einstein’s might have figured it out and buried it for fear of destructive technology.

Regarding multiverses : Please consider that each galaxy SMBH can jet charged Planck energy point charge plasma for large distances beyond the galaxy. In the chain of reactions that occur we will see the same formation of standard matter as predicted in the Big Bang. The one item physics and cosmology are missing is that Einstein’s spacetime is a particulate construct that overlays the underlying Euclidean void. The multiverse is our universe. Galaxies recycle matter and energy. Yes, they shoot off photons and matter and certainly some matter drifts off, but my guess is that by and large galaxies are recycling a high percentage of the electrinos and positrinos within the galaxy, and certainly within the galaxy cluster. Note that galaxies expand into one another in this model. Photons encounter spacetime aether that is slowly dispersing energy, and this causes them to redshift. Photons follow a diverse path through aether conditions in intervening galaxies, and in each galaxy that means going up a gentle energy slope and back down a gentle energy slope as the photon exits the galaxy. We still get universal expansion, just not outward as a whole, instead outward within each galaxy. As long as we are reframing multiverses, let’s reframe Sir Roger’s CCC as well. Sir Roger loves to talk about how the Big Bang is so similar to a black hole. Of course it is, they are the same thing. The black hole jets point charge plasma, which reacts to make standard matter and spacetime aether. So each galaxy is also implementing the crunch : that is the gravitationally captured standard matter making its way back towards the center of the galaxy and into the SMBH (with probability approaching 1 as absolute time increases). So there you have it. Merging multiple incorrect theories into one sensible theory.

Regarding publishing by independent ideators. Let’s be real. Respected publications won’t even consider a paper by an independent ideator. It could be the best idea ever, doesn’t matter. I am speaking from experience.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California