Dr. Brian Keating : Dr. Sheldon Glashow

I really enjoyed this episode. I thought I would make a few comments.

@45:15 Dr. Glashow talks about how so many discoveries in particle physics are ‘useless’ because they have no practical application. This is 100% incorrect. The discoveries by these giants established the mathematica patterns of nature at new levels. I was able to ‘use’ the descriptions of these patterns and that led to my discovery of how nature really works.

The flip side of what creates all that emerging structure that Sheldon and others discovered is so incredibly simple. A Euclidean void. Two flavors of energy carrying, charged, immutable particles, the electrino and the positrino, each spherical with a Planck radius, and obeying Coulomb’s Law and Maxwell’s equations. No mass exists at this level. Everything else emerges. Spacetime is a construct of these particles. Imagine an electrino and a positrino, -1/6 e and + 1/6 e respectively, approaching with velocities and distance that allowed Coulomb’s law to establish a stable orbit. There is one of your first constructs in the universe (I also suspect it is the tau neutrino, but I discuss that elsewhere). This spinning dipole is an emergent form of motion and energy storage. Now imagine many of these electrino and positrino Planck sphere particles, distributed throughput a 3D Euclidean void, with energies from zero to the Planck energy. Some form dipoles of various energy. How do they behave? What are the parameters for their elliptical or spherical orbit? How do those characteristics vary with energy? What are the interactions with other primitive particles? What new structures form? What are the characteristics of those compound structures?

The universe has two free parameters, 1) the average density of electrinos and positrinos (I am presuming they come in equal numbers at large scales) and 2) the average density of the energy carried by those electrinos and positrinos. If you have the densities in the proper range, then no matter how you initially distribute these particles and energy per unit volume,

  • a steady state universe emerges
  • that recycles locally through SMBH and
  • causes each galaxy to experience inflation,
  • expansion,
  • transmutation to standard matter,
  • ravitation of standard matter towards the crunch,
  • which is the SMBH,
  • and then the Planck core,
  • which is just electrinos and positrinos packed as tight as possible,
  • probably not moving and meaning zero kelvin,
  • or rather all the energy is stored in electric attraction and repulsion
  • and zero entropy because the Planck core is one microstate,
  • and something happens and the Planck core can escape,
  • probably by reconfiguring the event horizon with spin and
  • you get enormous jets of Planck plasma and
  • the cycle starts again.

Let’s go back to expansion. Every galaxy expands into one another. Yes, the universe is expanding as a whole, but galazies are expanding into one another as new spacetime is generated in each galaxy and standard matter eventually precipitates (reacts) out of spacetime solution. There is so much more. I’ve already found most of the low hanging fruit. Nearly all of the big problems in physics and cosmology will obviously fall. Check it out on

Don’t buy it? Respond with links to the body of research on charged immutable energy carrying Planck radius particles. Why on earth would anyone research string theory before just starting with the basics that physics already points to thanks to Planck, Maxwell and others?

Hey Brian – I’m in San Diego too. Happy to talk if you are interested in my ideas.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : December 5, 2020 : v1

By J Mark Morris

I am imagining and reverse engineering a model of nature and sharing my journey via social media. Join me! I would love to have collaborators in this open effort. To support this research please donate:

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