Lawrence Krauss : 5 Minute Physics : Episodes 24 thru 25

Dr. Lawrence Krauss posted a fascinating series of “5 Minute Physics” videos circa April/May 2020. They are filmed in and around his Oregon home, which is in a lovely woods with a creek running through it, and this yields a very pleasing viewing experience. In this post I’ll review Dr. Krauss’s videos and compare and contrast NPQG.

Episode 24 : Dr. Krauss talks about the first 5 minutes of the universe in the context of GR-QM era physics/cosmology and the ΛCDM model (i.e., Lambda Cold Dark Matter). In that model the universe begins with a one time inflationary Big Bang that continues to expand.

In NPQG we know that the ΛCDM narrative is wrong. We have a lot of clues that should have been picked up by astrophysicists, and that inspired me to create this cartoon.

I’ve written several blog posts on these topics, which I have linked below.

Episode 25 : In this episode Dr. Krauss takes us through some element forming reactions that happen in what the GR-QM narrative is called the inflationary Big Bang, and in the NPQG narrative is called galaxy local intermittent inflationary mini bangs from SMBH venting their Planck cores in Planck plasma jets. I don’t have much commentary other than to say all of the processes he discusses would be exactly the same in the NPQG narrative. He may need to simplify that card in his wallet for NPQG.

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I hope the readers who make it through all of these videos and my responses will appreciate Dr. Krauss’s series as well as see how the GR-QM-ΛCDM era will be supplanted by NPQG.

J Mark Morris : San Diego : California : July 18, 2020 : v1